Zebulon Pike
Zebulon Pike
Background information
Origin Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Genres Doom Metal, Progressive Rock, Instrumental Rock
Years active 2002 - Present
Labels Unfortunate Records
Associated acts Axis, Juggernaut, Happy Apple, The Gang Font, Awaken, Bastard Saint, The Wolf Council, Realm, White Fear Chain, Suck, Bone Club, Casino Royale
Website Zebulok Pike Facebook

Zebulon Pike are a post-metal/instrumental rock group from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Forming in 2002, this band earned quick local acclaim with their 2004 debut And Blood Was Passion, an aggressive mix of doom, prog and experimental rock without vocals. The band was named "best new band" in 2004 via First Avenue.

Since their formation this quartet has composed five studio albums (All of which on their own imprint Unfortunate Records) and performed around the United States, mainly in their home state alongside a host of bands within the scene.


And Blood Was Passion (2002 - 2007)Edit

Zebulon Pike formed sometime in 2002 in Minneapolis. Originally the band formed as a quartet of Fratzke, Bolen, Post and an unknown singer. By 2003, Morgan Berkus had joined the group to which the singer left. Rather than trying to search for a vocalist the band opted to perform fully instrumental music. The band's earliest known live performance was on 31 January at Turf Club (With 12 Rods).[1] The band would record five songs live on an old four-track recorder and by the spring of 2003 the band's first demo Keep It Real was released.[2] Throughout 2003 the band would play local gigs throughout Minnesota while working towards the recording of their first album, which they began recording that winter. The band gained enough praise in their local scene to be listed to First Avenue and Radio K's Best New Bands of 2003 list. A showcase of all of those acts was on 14 January 2004 at First Avenue.

Following an appearance at Emissions from the Monolith at Nyabinghi that May, the band released their debut album And Blood Was Passion on 12 June 2004, with a CD release at 7th Street Entry.[3] The album would gain praise from a host of underground critics while establishing them as a top local act in the Minnesota area.[4][5][6] The band would close out the year with a live performance on 25 September at Triple Rock with this young, aspiring instrumental act at the time known as Pelican.

2005 would see them sharing the stage with the likes of Eternal Elysium, Jucifer and Debris Inc. among others while working on a follow-up record. With five songs spanning 73 minutes, Zebulon Pike's sophomore album II: The Deafening Twilight saw it's release on 10 June 2006 (The release show the same day at 7th Street Entry)[7] The band performed just a couple more shows that year, namely sharing the stage with Blue Cheer.

2007 would notably see the band's first tour of the United States, leading up to an appearance at Doom or Be Doomed. Surrounding those shows and after it would lead to them performing with the likes of The Hidden Hand, Kylesa, Mastodon, High on Fire, Don Caballero, Helmet and Melvins (The last two being part of Grumpy's Bash that year).[8] Through the fall and winter of 2007 the band would begin work on a third record. In late 2007, Steve Post would leave the group with Tom Berg (Self-Evident) as his replacement.[9]

Intransience and Space is the Corpse of Time (2008 - 2013)Edit

Zebulon Pike would release their third album Intransience on 13 September 2008 to positive reviews. The release party would be the same day at Triple Rock Social Club with Dosh and Story of the Sea.[10] The band also performed sporadically in 2008 prepping for a tour, sharing the stage with the likes of The Sword, Boris, Heroine Sheiks and Seawhores.[11] 2009 would make an appearance at Templars of Doom, perform with the likes of Wolves in the Throne Room and A Storm of Light and eventually embark on a nine-date North American tour that November.[12]

The band would slow down on shows (Barring an appearance sharing the stage with Pentagram on 30 March) to concentrate on writing their fourth studio album. By the spring of 2011 the band would finish recording this fourth album. Space Is The Corpse of Time would be released on 25 June 2011. A double release party would be conceived for the album: An afternoon performance on The Current 89.3 and then an evening show at Triple Rock (With Battlefields and The Book Of Right On)[13]. Surrounding this set is a performance at Days of The Doomed along with performances with Rwake and Devin Townsend.

Nostalgia For The Unreal (2012 - Present)Edit

Following sporadic shows supporting various acts such as Black Cobra along with some scene locals such as Self-Evident, the band would begin work on a fifth album. With a string of mini-tours in September and October led up to the release of the band's fifth album Nostalgia For The Unreal on 1 November 2014, a release party at Triple Rock Social Club (Along with Vulgaari, Electric Hawk).

As of 2018 the band remains active in the Minnesota scene.


  • Keep It Real (Demo) (2003, Self-Released)
  • And Blood Was Passion (Album) (2004, Unfortunate)
  • II: The Deafening Twilight (Album) (2006, Unfortunate)
  • Intransience (Album) (2008, Unfortunate)
  • Space Is the Corpse of Time (Album) (2011, Unfortunate)
  • Nostalgia for the Unreal (Album) (2014, Unfortunate)


  • Morgan Berkus - Guitars (2002 - Present)
  • Erik Fratzke - Guitars (2002 - Present)
  • Erik Bolen - Drums (2002 - Present)
  • Tom Berg - Bass (2008 - Present)
  • Steve Post - Bass (2002 - 2007)


  • And Blood Was Passion North American Tour (2007)
  • Intransience North American Tour (2009)
  • Nostalgia For The Unreal Tour (2014)[14]
  • September 2015 Mini-Tour (With Traindodge) (2015)[15]

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