Wolves of Winter
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Also known as WOW
Origin Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Genres Desert Rock, Stoner, Doom
Years active 2012-?
Labels NoSlip Records
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Wolves of Winter (NoSlip Records) was formed in Phoenix, Arizona in 2012. Their sound features elements of classic metal, desert rock, stoner metal, doom and psychedelic blues.

History[edit | edit source]

Wolves of Winter's roots lay in a collection of self-recorded demos that were originally tracked in 2011. Founding member of what would later become Wolves of Winter, Josh McGee (Vocals, Guitar), originally wrote and recorded the projects initial materiel (ten songs) using a home recording set up.

Shortly after these demos were shared online, three of the tracks from the demo were aired on KWSS 93.3 FM Radio Phoenix. It became clear to him that the project would be moving forward and a live band should be assembled.

After a couple of initial lineup changes, current members David Weaver (Bass) and Mike Horn (Drums) joined the Band in 2013. With the addition of David and Mike, Wolves of Winter as it is today was formed.

Formation and Demo[edit | edit source]

The band released a self titled demo in 2013 featuring the original core material. It began, by recording the bands live instrumentation which was captured by just 2 microphones. All vocals were later overdubbed onto that recording.

After its release, the band received much positive press including a 4.5/5 star review on the Paranoid Music Blog as well as the UK based Chybucca Sounds. The demo also gained traction and the digital release began selling well on Bandcamp.com.

Debut Album[edit | edit source]

On January 9th, 2016 Wolves of Winter released their self-titled debut studio album. It was comprised of the same song list as the original band demo. This time, after being properly recorded, it was carefully produced by Josh McGee. Along with being engineered by Patrick Hogg and mastered by Jeff Harris, the album improved the sonic quality and provided a more accurate representation of the bands intended sound. The album, initially offered both as a physical CD and digital download was immediately well received by the worldwide stoner/desert/doom rock community of critics and fans. The release gained positive reviews from authoritative websites and blogs such as Outlaws of the Sun, The Ripple Effect, More Fuzz, Desert Psychlist, Recyclable Sounds, Metal Jacket Mag, Doomed and Stoned and many more.

In march of 2016 Wolves of Winter signed with the Columbus, Georgia based label NoSlip Records. A deluxe 180 gram colored vinyl edition of the debut studio album was released by the label in September of 2017. Four editions were released including deluxe OBI and die-hard packages. Four vinyl color variants were released, all featuring a gate-fold jacket showcasing all new and original interior artwork by David Paul Seymour, poly lined sleeves and a 12x12 lyric / photo insert.

On 23 September 2020 NoSlip Records would announce that guitarist/vocalist Josh McGee had passed away just a few days shy of his 39th birthday.[1][2]

Live Performances[edit | edit source]

Wolves of Winter has performed along side many notable bands in the stoner / desert / doom genre such as Truckfighters, Mothership, Slow Season, The Midnight Ghost Train, Year of the Cobra, Ruby The Hatchet, Yawning Man, Telekinetic Yeti, Bonehawk, Destroyer of Light, Goya, Mondo Drag, Revolution Mother, Devil To Pay, The Great Electric Quest, Lord Dying, Old Man Wizard, Gypsyhawk and many more.            

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Wolves of Winter - Wolves of Winter (2016) (New Full Album)

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Wolves of Winter (S/T - 2016)[edit | edit source]

Wolves Of Winter debut S/T album is a very heavy affair that mixes desert rock, fuzz, psych and doom for one exciting ride. Opening track – Astrothoughts – is what you would expect from a band such as Wolves Of Winter. Heavy and hazy psych based riffs with great vocals to match. The one thing that makes Wolves Of Winter such an interesting band is their take on 70s Classic Doom spliced with a more modern Desert/Stoner Rock sound. There are times when the band unleashes a simple trippy riff that gives this album a delicious edge.
The music is brimming with immaculately heavy licks and mastered with an infectiously precise groove. The temperatures are dropping, snow is on the horizon and the Wolves of Winter are on the attack. Prepare for an onslaught of heavy chords, blazing distortion and virulent rhythm as our ears are about to be annihilated with pleasure.
McGee's vocals, clean, warm and melodic, sit perfectly against the heavy riff'n'roll all around them and give the song an almost 60's psych/hard rock feel reminiscent of Randy California's Spirit.

Wolves of Winter Demo[edit | edit source]

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Paranoid Hitsophrenic 4.5/5
This demo is a hard hitting album with tons of potential, it shows us listeners that there is a confident trio of guys that are serious about making a name for themselves not just around the Phoenix area but as far as the ear can hear.

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