Whores of Tijuana
Whores of Tijuana
¡Tres hombres que hablan de putas!
Background information
Origin Orange County, California
Genres Stoner Metal, Stoner Rock
Years active 1992 - Present
Labels B@1
Associated acts VIGR, Ogressa
Website Official Page

Whores of Tijuana are a stoner metal/rock band from Orange County, California. Active since 1992 this power trio plays stoner music heavily inspired by sex, love and life with their social media often featuring humorous sex-based memes.


Whores of Tijuana founded in 1992 when Jason McGrath answered a Recycler ad from Stacy Mobley and Trent Ramseyer, both of whom were looking for a guitarist into KISS, Oingo Boingo and Rush. The members hit it off over the KISS connection and later a mutual interest in basketball. The group would jam out in the 1990s and write a host of songs for sporadic live shows yet no studio release would come in the band's beginnings.

Stacy Mobley would leave the band in 2004 to raise a family and Simon Austin would take over on bass. In early 2005 the band would consult Scott Reeder to produce an album, the first of the bird and the first recorded album at his new Sanctuary Studio. That same year the band would release their self-titled debut with the popular "Trip Manhattan". Simon Austin would leave the band two years later and leave the band on a hiatus.

Scott Williams would join the band in 2010 on bass as the group returned to Scott Reeder to record and release their second album Psycholongevity, release to coincide with the Hell Ride Festival in Yucaipa, California. The band remains active, mainly performing live in California.


  • Whores of Tijuana (2005, Self-Released)
  • Psycholongevity (2010, B@1)


  • Trent Ramseyer - Drums (1992-present)
  • Jason McGrath - Guitars (1992-present)
  • Sean Williams - Bass (2010-present)
  • Stacy Mobley - Bass (1992-2004)
  • Simon Austin - Bass (2004-2007)

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