We Will Lead You To Glorious Times
Ramesses We Will
Front cover for Ramesses' EP.
Extended play by Ramesses
Released January 14 2005
Recorded Autumn 2003 (Recording), Summer 2004 (Mastering) at Fortress Studios in Shoreditch, London, England
Genre Death/Doom, Doom Metal
Length 30:24
Producer Mick Barker, Christiane F., Ramesses
Ramesses chronology
We Will Lead You To Glorious Times
The Tomb

We Will Lead You To Glorious Times is the debut EP by Dorset, England doom metal band Ramesses. It was released on January 14, 2005 via This Dark Reign Recordings.


Upon Ramesses' formation in 2003, the band wrote a handful of songs and recorded them in 24 hours at Fortress Studios. Early mixes of tracks 2 - 4 appeared in a Promo Demo while tracks 2 & 3 appeared with a different mix in a 7" with PsycheDOOMelic and Shifty records in 2004. The same two tracks also appeared in a split release with Negative Reaction on CD the same year.

In summer 2004, the band had Billy Anderson mix and master the original recordings to release as an EP, with previously unreleased track Witchampton. Witchampton and Black Domina II also appeared on the vinyl edition of the band's 2005 EP The Tomb.

Reviews at the time of the band's release frequently compared the band to Bagshaw & Greening's previous band Electric Wizard, especially We Live which came out in 2004.

As a bonus, the CD was enhanced and contained music videos for Master (Your Demons) and Ramesses II


RAMESSES - We Will Lead You to Glorious Times (EP)

RAMESSES - We Will Lead You to Glorious Times (EP)

  • 1. Witchampton (8:44)
  • 2. Master (Your Demons) (5:36)
  • 3. Ramesses II (4:54)
  • 4. Black Domina (11:10)


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