Vox Medusae
Studio album by Potmos Hetoimos
Released September 12, 2018
Recorded 2016–2018
Genre Sludge metal
Progressive metal
Length 55:35
Label Not Music
Producer Matt Matheson
Ben Rosenbach
Potmos Hetoimos chronology
The Paragon Trisagion
Vox Medusae

Vox Medusae is the eleventh album by the American one-man band Potmos Hetoimos. It was released on September 12, 2018 via Not Music Records.

It is the project's first album in 3 years, following The Paragon Trisagion in 2015.

Background Edit

Vox Medusae weaves a harrowingly vivid narrative dealing with frontman Matt Matheson's pornography addiction. Theatrically dramatized yet deeply personal, the album conveys the internal psychological struggle associated with addiction by presenting the perspectives of nine voices: 

  • Medusa, the temptress – an external personification of the supreme object of lustful attraction and obsession.
  • The Addict – the true human struggling with his addiction.
  • Lust – the addict's uninhibited obsessive desire.
  • Shame – the addict's filthy guilt over his inability to control his thoughts and actions.
  • Rage – the addict's bitter anger at himself for constantly failing.
  • The Killer – murderer of true Beauty by reducing women to objects.
  • The Witness – impartial observer to the killer's deeds.
  • The Prophet – a conscience speaking truth, warning and encouragement.
  • The Conqueror – valiant would-be slayer of the Medusa.

Musical style Edit

Musically, Vox Medusae expresses this tension by associating a different non-traditional scale with each voice. Potmos Hetoimos's signature progressive sludge is extended in both intensity and creativity, by incorporating the blackened hardcore influence of bands like Cult Leader and Plebeian Grandstand as well as the jazz and funk inspiration of artists like Prince and Kamasi Washington. The standard metal instrumentation is juxtaposed with piano and saxophone throughout the album, creating an unprecedented synthesis of styles.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "I. Idyll Anathema"   7:08
2. "II. Voracious Embrace"   8:13
3. "III. The Silicon Mirror"   6:27
4. "-. Fits & Fevers"   4:27
5. "IV, A. Perseus, Pristine"   5:17
6. "IV, B. Perseus, Pyrrhic"   7:52
7. "V. Braid of Ouroboros"   12:42
8. "–. E Pur Lei Muore" ("And Yet She Dies") 3:29
Total length:

Personel Edit

Potmos Hetoimos Edit

  • Matt Matheson — vocals, guitars, bass, drums, synth, keyboard, piano, programming

Session musicians Edit

  • Jane Vincent — Medusa vocals (tracks 1, 3, 6, 7)
  • Raleigh Booze — extra vocals 
  • Daniel Wallace — saxophone
  • Charlie Eron — guitar solo (track 6)

Credits Edit

  • Recorded by Matt Matheson and Ben Rosenbach 
  • Drums recorded at Audio Arts Fishtown, Philadelphia PA 
  • Mixed and mastered by Angel Marcloid 
  • Cover art by Alex Eckman-Lawn 
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