Void Fest
Void Fest 2012
Poster for the inaugural edition.
Background information
Genre(s) Doom Metal, Stoner Metal, Sludge Metal, Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Date(s) August (Main Festival)
Location Waldmünchen, Germany
Venue(s) Sinzendorf (Main Festival; 2013 - Present)
Years active 2012 - Present
Promoter(s) Void Fest E.V.
Website Void Fest Official

Void Fest is a festival hosted since 2012. The primary edition is an outdoor camping festival with plenty of other festivities beyond two stages of music, held at Sinzendorf in Waldmünchen, Germany since 2013. Initially the festival hosted psychedelic rock and stoner rock but has since added death metal, black metal, hardcore punk and much more.

Along with the main Void Fest typically held in August is Winter Void and Spring Void, curated one-night showcases by Void Fest EV. To date the festival has hosted eight main festivals among several showcases.


2012: Void FestEdit

The inaugural Void Fest would be hosted at Auto Dauerer, Ochsenweid 12 (An open field by a car repair shop) on 3 and 4 August 2012.[1]

Friday 3 August Saturday 4 August
Naam WassermannsFiebertraum
Kadavar Obelyskkh
Iguana Rotor
Dirt Deflector Been Obscene
Dead Beat Boogies
The Grand Astoria
Black Vision
Flo & Nick

2013: Void FestEdit

The second annual Void Fest would take place on 2 and 3 August 2013 at Sinzendorf in Waldmünchen, Germany, notably the first Void Fest to take place at this recurring location. DJ duties would be handled by Void Fest on the first night and DJ Mammut on the second.[2]

Friday 2 August Saturday 3 August
Omega Massif Downfall of Gaia
The Flying Eyes Sgt. Sunshine
Blues Pills Mars Red Sky
Torso Asteroid
Carrion Mother DxBxSx

2013: Winter VoidEdit

The first Winter Void, a spin-off marquee event for Void Fest, would be hosted on 29 November 2013 at W1 - Zentrum für junge Kultur in Regensburg, Germany. Ultimately selling out, the lineup would consist of Fire Walk With Me, Camera and Naam.[3]

2014: Spring VoidEdit

The inaugural Spring Void, a spin-off marquee event, would take place on 2 May 2014 at Kulturzentrum Alte Mälzerei in Regensburg, Germany. This spring marquee would feature Limestone Whale, The Entrance Band and Eagle Twin[4]

2014: Void FestEdit

The 2014 edition of Void Fest would be hosted at Sinzendorf on 1 and 2 August 2014, now expanding to having two stages and a host of tents for other festivities.[5]

Friday 1 August Saturday 2 August
Atlantis Akere
Sun Worship Light Bearer
The Atomic Bitchwax Church of Misery
Mother's Cake Kadavar
Monomyth Rose Windows
Doomina Pfandflaschenkommando
Suns of Thyme Hark
The Wulffs Oddjobmen
Swan Valley Heights

2014: Winter VoidEdit

The 2014 edition of Winter Void would be hosted at Kafe Kult in Munich on 11 December 2014. This would be a five band showcase featuring (in order) Black Voodoo Train, Mother Engine, Earthship, Mantar and Inter Arma.[6]

2015: Spring VoidEdit

2015 would host two Spring Void events prior to the 2015 edition of Void Fest. Spring Void Vol. 2 would take place on 7 March 2015 at Kafe Kult in Munich, featuring Salem's Pot and Monolord.[7] Spring Void Vol. 3 would take place on 7 April 2015 at Kulturzentrum Alte Mälzerei in Regensburg, featuring Motorgoat, Eagle Twin, Uzala and Dead Meadow.[8]

2015: Void FestEdit

The 2015 edition of Void Fest would be hosted on 31 July and 1 August at Sinzendorf. This edition would feature a lineup of thirteen bands over two stages on the main day.[9][10] The actual running order is unknown and several bands are unlisted from the festival's Facebook posts such as Get Your Gun, Death Hawks, Hooffoot, Pauw, Beehoover, Pastor, Death Alley, Hemelbestormer, Paramnesia, Dysis, P.I.T.S. and Limestone Whale.

Friday 31 July (Main) Friday 31 July (Tent)
Lantlos Mantar
My Sleeping Karma Michael Lobesan
Rosetta Phantom Winter
Mother's Cake The Loranes
The Picturebooks Shelter People
Sunder Scheisse Minelli
Acid Piss

2016: Spring VoidEdit

2016's Spring Void would host three editions leading up to the 2016 edition of Void Fest. Spring Void Vol. 1 would be hosted on 17 April 2016 at Kulturzentrum Alte Mälzerei in Regensburg, featuring Inverloch and Usnea.[11] Spring Void Vol. 2 would be hosted on 21 April 2016 at Kafe Kult in Munich, featuring Carrion Mother and Hell.[12] Spring Void Vol. 3 would be hosted on 20 May 2016 at Kulturzentrum Alte Mälzerei in Regensburg, featuring Concierge, Mount Hush and Jucifer.[13]

2016: Void FestEdit

The 2016 edition of Void Fest would be hosted at Sinzendorf on 5 and 6 August 2016, their biggest edition to that point.[14]

Friday 5 August (Main) Friday 5 August (Tent)
Year of No Light Monarch
Coogan's Bluff Nadja
Damo Suzuki with Jelly Planet Death Rite
Seven That Spells Mdme Spkr
Fai Baba Abgestorbene Gehirnhalften
Wet Spinach
Saturday 6 August (Main) Saturday 6 August (Tent)
Conan Unru
Hexvessel Toner Low
Radio Moscow The Black Heart Rebellion
Valient Thorr Tombstones
DeWolff One Sentence Supervisor
Odd Couple

2016: Winter VoidEdit

Two editions of Winter Void would be hosted in 2016, both of which at Kafe Kult in Munich, Germany. Winter Void Vol. 1 would be hosted on 23 October 2016, featuring Grime and Fistula.[15] Winter Void Vol. 2 would be hosted on 5 December 2016 and feature Grieved and Hexis.[16]

2017: Void FestEdit

The 2017 edition of Void Fest would be hosted on 18 and 19 August 2017 at Sinzendorf, using imagery from London After Midnight in the posters and promotional material.[17] A campground stage would be featured on the early hours of the second day with Kolossus Daacht, Unforgivable, Akne Kid Joe and Spitting Nails.[18][19]Void Fest Facebook</ref>

Friday 18 August (Main) Friday 18 August (Tent)
Belzebong Oozing Wound
The Well Venom Prison
Travelin' Jack Hildegard VBD
ZU Uada
Demon Head Ill Wicker
Saturday 19 August (Main) Saturday 19 August (Tent)
Spelljammer Death Alley
The Underground Youth Paramnesia
Yuri Gagarin Cult of Occult
Groundhogs Limestone Whale
Ohhms Down With The Gypsies
Full Moon Fiasco

2018: Spring VoidEdit

The 2018 edition of Spring Void would be hosted on 13 May 2018 at Kafe Kult in Munich, featuring Kultist, Red Apollo, Dogs, CHRCH and Fister.[20]

2018: Void FestEdit

The 2018 edition of Void Fest would be hosted at Sinzendorf on 10 and 11 August 2018, selling out in seven minutes.[21]

Friday 10 August (Main) Friday 10 August (Tent)
Hallas Full of Hell
The Wytches Heirophant
Pallbearer FCKR
Unsane Friends of Gas
Ruby The Hatchet Yeahrs
Black Voodoo Train
Saturday 11 August (Main) Saturday 11 August (Tent)
Slomatics Dirty Fences
High on Fire Blood Incantation
Somali Yacht Club Occvlta
Maggot Heart Valborg
Haxxan Carrion Mother
Black Salvation

2018: Winter VoidEdit

The 2018 Winter Void would take place on 14 December 2018 at The Tiki Beat in Regensburg, Germany. This edition of Winter Void would feature Viagra Boys, International Music and Torso.

2019: Spring VoidEdit

The 2019 edition of Spring Void would be hosted on 1 May 2019 at Kulturzentrum Alte Mälzerei in Regensburg, featuring Sun Worship and Vanum.[22]

2019: Void FestEdit

The 2019 edition of Void Fest would be hosted on 9 and 10 August 2019 at Sinzendorf.[23] Aftershows on Friday would feature Skurreal, Sumpfing Harry and FCKR while a morning wake-up call would feature Age of Rats, Griper and Hellburst.[24]

Friday 9 August (Main) Friday 9 August (Tent)
Lumerians Wand
Windhand Undergang
Eyehategod Melt Downer
Sacri Monti Swirlpool
Saturday 10 August (Main) Saturday 10 August (Tent)
Wolvennest Iguana D.C.
Raketkanon Forn
Zig Zags Minami Deutsch
Slaegt Heads.
Temple Fang Taphos
Perilymph Malm

2020: Winter VoidEdit

The 2020 Winter Void would take place on 31 January 2020 at The Tiki Beat in Regensburg, Germany. This edition would feature an entirely punk showcase with Decibelles, Maffai and Johnny and The Rotten.[25]

2020: Void FestEdit

The 2020 edition of Void Fest was originally intended for 7 August at Sinzendorf in Waldmünchen, Germany. Several bands would be announced including Bell Witch (With Aerial Ruin), Gatecreeper, Author & Punisher and headliner Wolves in The Throne Room to name a few.[26] However the entire festival would be canceled due to ongoing concerns with The CO-VID19 Pandemic, announcing that cancellation in April.[27]

External LinksEdit


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