Vallis ex Umbra de Mortuus
Studio album by Rigor Sardonicous
Released January 4, 2008
Genre Doom metal
Funeral doom
Length 38:58
Label Paragon Records
Rigor Sardonicous chronology
Principia Sardonica
Vallis ex Umbra de Mortuus
Ego Diligio Vos

Vallis ex Umbra de Mortuus is the third studio album by the American funeral doom band Rigor Sardonicous, released on January 4, 2008.

Background Edit

We see Vallis ex Umbra de Mortuus as a continuation of what we sought to do. It was a very collaborative effort among Glenn and I. As the layout of that album shows, it was focused on dead and dying children. There were more songs that were intended for this release, but an obligation to do a split CD with the band Dimentianon, which I was also in at that time, came up, so in a last-moment struggle we took 2 tracks from it for the split Amores Defunctus Tuus Mater. Also, the lyrics for "Intero Parum Infantia", on our new release Ridenti Mortuus, was originally planned for Vallis ex Umbra de Mortuus.
— Joseph Fogarazzo, No Clean Singing

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Mane de Maeroris"   1:33
2. "Silens Somnium"   7:02
3. "Incompertus Quod Anon"   5:28
4. "Laudare Apocalypsis"   4:22
5. "Alveus de Somnus"   4:18
6. "Prophecies I - Preapocaylptia"   4:00
7. "Agony"   6:23
8. "Rex Regis Fortuna"   5:52
Total length:
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