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Valley of The Sun
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Background information
Origin Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Genres Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal
Years active 2010 - Present
Labels Bilocation, Fuzzorama Records, Ripple Music
Associated acts Moonbow, In The Midst of Lions, Kill City, Blacklight Barbarian
Website Valley of The Sun Facebook

Valley of The Sun are a stoner rock band originating from Cincinnati, Ohio. Established in 2010 this band quickly made a name for themselves in the stoner rock scene, touring with notable powerhouses in stoner rock such as Truckfighters and Monkey3 while sharing the stage with several key names in the stoner rock and heavy rock scene. To date the band has released three studio albums and had performed through the United States and Europe.

Their website gives the following blurb to promote the band: There is a smoldering hotbed of Rock and Roll in the most unlikely of places; Ohio. Some time ago, the Devil came to sew his seed throughout the state leaving every city with it's own High Priests of Hellish Riffs. The congregation of Cincinnati's Church of Rock and Roll is watched over by Valley of the Sun, and a well tended flock they are. Riff after righteous riff is thrown from the pulpit with the fury of fire and brimstone, so come out to the Rock and Roll Revival, bring your offering and prepare to be anointed!


Valley of the Sun was formed on June 21, 2010 as a four piece by Ferrier, Beagle, Owens, and Boyer. Following a series of early shows the band would get in the studio,[1] quickly releasing the EP twothousandten. Beagle and Owens departed in early 2011. Only Owens was replaced (by Ryan McCallister), forming the power trio format which would continue for the next three years. The band would tour for the first time supporting Truckfighters in July 2011, and following with the release party for The Sayings of The Seers on 4 August 2011 (At Southgate House; with Lo-Pan and Atlantis Becoming.).[2] Valley of The Sun would play a host of gigs through 2012 and 2013 supporting various touring acts, performing in Covington, Newport, Cincinnati and Dayton among other places. In the meantime between shows, work on a debut album would begin with the band ultimately releasing Electric Talons of The Thunderhawk in November 2013 following a successful IndieGogo campaign.[3] The debut album would see positive reception from the likes of Echoes and Dust[4] and The Obelisk[5] among others.

Signing to Fuzzorama Records and following a gig supporting Jucifer, Valley of The Sun would tour Europe for the first time ever alongside Truckfighters and White Miles. McCallister departed after the first European tour. Ferrier and Boyer hired on several friends to fill bass, and subsequently, second guitar roles over the next few tours. Session musicians included Nick Theime Of Mangrenade, Arnaud Merckling of Dot Legacy, and Adam Flaig and Ringo Jones of Mad Anthony. Following an official release party for Electric Talons of The Thunderhawk, the band would return to Europe touring with Monkey3, including appearances at Blue Moon Festival,[6] Sky High Festival and Desertfest Belgium.[7] A follow-up tour of Europe came the next year which included an appearance at Freak Valley Festival.

Valley of The Sun's second album Volume Rock (recorded by Ferrier on guitar, bass, and vocals and Boyer on Drums) would see release on 29 April 2016 to positive reviews and touring of Europe in support of the record. Sometime after this tour the band would take somewhat of a hiatus but would make a return with new bassist Chris Sweeney at Planet Desert Rock weekend on 30 November 2018, sharing the stage with the likes of King Chiefs, War Cloud, House of Broken Promises, The Heavy Eyes and Wino.[8] The band would tour North America for the first time since 2011 that next Spring, with new guitarist Josh Pilot, alongside Bellringer (A new band featuring former Melvins bassist Mark Deutrom.). Old Gods would see release on Fuzzorama Records circa 24 May 2019, with a tour of Europe supporting the record that September and October. November 2019 saw the departure of founding member and drummer Aaron Boyer. He was quickly replaced by Lex Vegas (of Killtones/The Skulx). Valley of The Sun would tour North America in support of Old Gods in 2020 with Truckfighters, the first tour with their Swedish friends in six years.

On 29 December 2021 it would be announced that Valley of The Sun had signed a North American deal with Ripple Music, in conjunction with Fuzzorama. The band would also notably serve as direct support for Stoner and Clutch on New Year's Eve in Cincinnati.[9] Valley of The Sun would tour North America the next year alongside The Atomic Bitchwax.


Valley of the Sun - Riding the Dunes 2011 (Music Video)


Valley Of The Sun - Maya (Live Video)


Valley of the Sun "Old Gods" Official video 2019


Valley of the Sun Live Full Concert 4K @ La Scène Michelet Nantes France September 17th 2019


Studio Albums[]

  • Electric Talons of The Thunderhawk (2013, Self-Released)
  • Volume Rock (2016, Fuzzorama)
  • Old Gods (2019, Fuzzorama)

Other Releases[]

  • Twothousandten (EP) (2010, Self-Released)
  • The Saying of The Seers (EP) (2011, Self-Released; 2015, Bilocation)


Current Members[]

  • Ryan Ferrier - Guitar, Vocals
  • Chris Sweeney - Bass, Keyboards
  • Josh Pilot - Guitar
  • Lex Vegas - Drums

Past Members[]

  • Ryan McAllister - Bass
  • Casey Beagle - Guitar
  • Chris Owens - Bass
  • Aaron Boyer - Drums

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