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  • I was born on November 2
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  • YourNamePlease

    I'm posting this mainly for reference but for anyone else documenting or researching bands on Riffipedia this is a list of sites that I've found over the two years on this wiki and just how reliable they can be. Some musical stories will always be a mystery but for those willing to do the digging there's some surprises to be found. For those who want to start digging into a story of that hip new stoner band or some mythical doom act from yesteryear, this guide may be of help with some personal examples applied:

    Official Websites - Most of the time this is the best possible source to go by in terms or raw information from the band be it touring, history or whatnot. One common problem, especially with old band pages, is how much of it has bee…

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  • YourNamePlease

    Adding for reference this is a list of "Milestone pages" added to the wiki, commemorated by specific numbers.

    666 - Tom Geddes

    700 - ???

    777- Cory Fusting

    800 - Black Sabbath Vol. 4

    888 - David V. D'andrea

    900 - My War

    999 - Lee Dorrian

    1000 - Malleus Rock Art Lab 1038 - November-Coming-Fire

    1050 - Droneroom 1100 - Nich Na Polonyni by Soom

    1111 - Empty Tomb by Al Cisneros

    1138 - Initium by Samhain 1150 - The Revolt Against Tired Noises

    1175 - Welcome To Sky Valley

    1199 - Gary Arce

    1200 - Mario Lalli 1300 - Black Sabbath (Album)

    1313 - Celtic Frost

    1316 - The Jack Saints vs. Mondo Generator 1325 - Graven Images: A Tribute to The Misfits

    1333 - III by Acid King

    1338 - Unholy Passion by Samhain

    1666 - Tom Gabriel Fischer

    1750 - Last Patrol

    Many of the milestone …

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  • YourNamePlease

    According to The Decibel Magazine special on doom metal this was their top 100 list. Note that several albums on this list also tie into stoner rock, stoner metal, sludge, death/doom or other sub-genres. There's even a couple bands listed here we probably wouldn't even add to the wiki to be honest. Simply putting this here for reference.

    1. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath (1970)

    2. Candlemass - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (1986)

    3. Cathedral - Forest Of Equilibrium (1991)

    4. Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality (1971)

    5. Trouble - Trouble [aka Psalm 9] (1984)

    6. Paradise Lost - Gothic (1991)

    7. Pentagram - Relentless (1985/1993)

    8. Electric Wizard - Dopethrone (2000)

    9. Thergothon - Stream From The Heavens (1994)

    10. Saint Vitus - Born Too Late (1986)

    11. …

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  • YourNamePlease

    This review is in observance of the tenth anniversary of Conference of the Birds. The CD edition was originally released on February 24 but the vinyl was on April 17.

    So last year I wrote an anniversary review on OM's debut album "Variations on a Theme" and admittedly I was at the time joyous over the album and still am now. This time the natural follow-up would come with their seminal sophomore effort "Conference of the Birds" (Taking the title from lengthy Persian poem of a flock of birds seeking out a king but in end finding their enlightenment in one own reflection). There's no real wording around how much I like the band at this point so admittedly I was hyped. One trip to Ear X-Tacy in 2006 led me and a close friend to a day of album …

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  • YourNamePlease

    When 3/4 of your band suddenly leave (One of which had played with the band nearly fifteen years!) some changes are going to happen in some way one or another. Tatsu Mikami being the sole mastermind behind the serial killing sounds of Church of Misery actually took a different approach to the next album by collaborating with musicians outside of Japan. While at one point Australian guitarist Tom Sutton (The Order of Israfel) joined along this was a whole different ballgame, working entirely with musicians outside his native soil. Needless to say the musicians recruited only added to the intrigue, procuring guitarist Dave Szulkin (Blood Farmers), drummer Eric Little (Earthride, Internal Void) and Scott Carlson (Repulsion, Cathedral) as the …

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