Until Death Overtakes Me
Background information
Also known as UDOM
Origin Erembodegem, East Flanders, Belgium
Genres Funeral Doom Metal, Drone, Ambient, Darkwave
Years active 1999-2011, 2016-Present
Labels Nulll, Firebox,
Associated acts Arcane Voidsplitter, Beyond Black Void, Desperandum Gothica, The NULLL Collective, Inframonolithium, The Ethereal
Current members Stijn Van Cauter
Past members Elke De Smedt
Pamela Turrell
Jo Rennette
Until Death Overtakes Me (often shortened to UDOM) is the solo project of Belgian doom metal and ambient producer and musician Stijn Van Cauter. Formed in 1999, it is Stijn's main project, among a plethora of others ranging from ambient and drone to funeral doom metal.

History Edit

Stijn Van Cauter originally formed Until Death Overtakes Me, originally Macabre Destiny, in 1999 as a solo project with various guest musicians. The earliest concepts for the project go as far back as 1997, but it wasn't until 1999 that the first actual tracks came into existence. This early music had a few things in common with dark & experimental folk/ambient and gradually evolved towards dark & gothic metal. A large number of the project's releases occasionally appeared on Van Cauter's label Nulll Records. A first, ultra-limited CDr demo release happened in 2001, shortly followed by another album and then a re-release of the first demo. By then, the project's style sound had moved towards a combination of slow doom metal and ambient/wave. Over the years that followed, UDOM self-released a few more albums, but there were also several released on labels. During that time, many side projects, all with their own releases, saw the light as well. Stijn also released his recordings occasionally through other labels such as Firebox Records, Marche Funebre Productions or Dusktone.

In August 2011, Van Cauter temporarily stopped producing more music. In January 2016 however, he reactivated Until Death Overtakes Me by releasing a series of downloadable singles, followed by more albums and compilations.

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Current Edit

  • Stijn Van Cauter - All instruments, Vocals

Former Edit

  • Elke De Smedt - Acoustic guitar, Keyboards
  • Pamela Turrell - Flute
  • Jo Rennette - Guitar, Bass, Keyboards

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