Uncle Pleasant's
Uncle Pleasant's.jpg
Background information
Founded Mid 1980s - 2011 (Uncle Pleasants)
2012 - 2017 (The New Vintage)
Capacity 200
Location Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Uncle Pleasant's (and later The New Vintage) was a dive bar based in the Germantown area of Louisville, Kentucky. Starting in the 1980s as Uncle Pleasant's before going through a name change and back to Uncle Pleasant's, the venue earned a reputation as a smoky dive bar mainly for local acts and several touring bands with it's intimate, hot setting. The venue through it's second incarnation would stay relatively strong and active until 2011 when it was sold by it's original owners.

The bar would re-open briefly for the 2012 Kentucky Derby[1] but would be bought out by new owners and re-branded as The New Vintage, owned by Hunter Embry and Dave Chale. The duo would book shows and re-model the space into a proper small hall for shows while also keeping it open as a bar on non-concert events.[2] The venue would also host local festivals such as Seven Sense and Louisville Outskirts This incarnation would last from May 2012 to January 2017, when it would close in January 2017.[3]

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Uncle Pleasant's (Both Incarnations)[edit | edit source]

The New Vintage (2012 - 2017)[edit | edit source]

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