Tres Dias
Tres Dias Original
Album cover for the Duna version.
Album cover for the Heavy Psych Sounds Reissue is below.
Studio album by Brant Bjork
Released February 21 2007
Recorded October 2006 at Back of the Moon Studios in Joshua Tree, California
Genre Stoner Rock, Desert Rock, Acoustic
Length 45:40
Label Duna, Heavy Psych Sounds
Producer Brant Bjork and Tony Mason
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Saved By Magic
Tres Dias
Somera Sól
Alternative Cover
Tres Dias Reissue

Tres Dias is the sixth solo album by desert rock musician Brant Bjork, released in February 2007 via his own Duna imprint (and one of two releases by Brant that year). Tres Dias is notable for being Brant's most minimal and intimate release to date, with acoustic interpretations of old and (then) new solo songs, with slight percussion on only a couple tracks to compliment the acoustic sound and vocals.

The album gets the name for being recorded in just three days at Tony Mason's house in late 2006.


At some point in late 2006 (Bjork himself has stated in the press kit that he recorded in October though some sources say Tres Dias was recorded right before Christmas), Brant would record eight songs in a purely acoustic style at Tony Mason's house in three days, thus the title. Bjork would also perform a solo acoustic set that February before touring the world with the Bros, just months before the release of Somera Sól.

The album itself was released on CD and an LP edition limited to 1500 copies (1200 black, 300 yellow with the majority in translucent and a few in solid yellow), with early pre-order and mailorder copies of either version coming with a postcard of the same graphics signed and hand-lettered by Bjork. A limited pressing on clear vinyl would be released in 2008.

On 21 June 2018 it would be announced as part of Heavy Psych Sounds' reissue series that Tres Dias and Local Angel would be the first Brant Bjork solo records in the series. Along with unlimited Black Vinyl and Digipak CD the album would be pressed with 50 test pressings, 250 Green/Yellow Quad Color and 500 Gold Vinyl.[1]


  • 1. Too Many Chiefs (4:34)
  • 2. Love Is Revolution (4:28)
  • 3. Chinarosa (4:04)
  • 4. The Native Tongue (4:29)
  • 5. Video (3:34)
  • 6. Right Time (3:46)
  • 7. The Messengers (4:32)
  • 8. The Knight Surrenders Today (3:07)

Song InformationEdit

  • Too Many Chiefs - Originally appeared on Jalamanta.
  • Love Is Revolution - Would later appear on Somera Sól.
  • Chinarosa - Would later appear on Somera Sól and as a vinyl bonus track on Punk Rock Guilt.
  • The Native Tongue - Would later appear on Somera Sól.
  • Video - Originally appeared on Keep Your Cool. as "Gonna Make the Scene".
  • Right Time - Would later appear on Punk Rock Guilt as "Punk Rock Guilt" with slightly different lyrics.
  • The Messengers - Originally appeared on Saved By Magic.
  • The Knight Surrenders Today - Exclusive to the album.


  • Brant Bjork - Acoustic Guitars, Percussion, Vocals, Producer, Layout (Original)
  • Tony Mason - Producer, Engineer, Mixing
  • Cale Bunker - Artwork, Layout (Original)

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  1. [The Obelisk Announcement on the ReissueAccessed 12 July 2018
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