Studio album by Funeral Moth
Released February 7, 2016
Recorded July–October 2015 at Studio Seisho, SH8, Ryo Amamiya's home studio and Celephäis
Genre Funeral Doom Metal, Post-Rock
Length 39:53
Label Throne Records, Weird Truth Productions, Dogma Artistic Guerrilla
Producer Funeral Moth
Funeral Moth chronology
Dense Fog

Transience (stylized as transience) is the second studio album by the Japanese funeral doom band Funeral Moth, released on February 7, 2016. This is the first appearance of their new bass player Ryo Amamiya after the departure of founding member, Nobuyuki Sentou and also the first not to include any guest musicians.

Transience is the band's shortest album, clocking it at almost just 40 minutes.

Background and Recording Edit


Following the release of their debut album Dense Fog, the band toured in support of the album, sharing the stage with bands like Ende, Sithter and Magdala Ju-nen.

On October 18, 2015, they announced on Facebook that they were recording new songs for a new album. Before the band could begin recording, founding member and original bassist Nobuyuki Sentou left the band to focus on his personal life. He was replaced by newcomer Ryo Amamiya (Nephilim, Zeminence). "He’s a really talented bass player." said frontman Makoto Fujishima. "He joined the band a few months before the recording, so he’s not involved with the songwriting this time. In the recording process, he contributed a lot because he’s also capable of recording by himself."

The album's 22-minute title-track was written in "Rondo" format traditionally used on classical composition. "The main theme appears third times and 2nd one is the variation of it." said Fujishima. "It wasn’t so challenging to me, but it was just same as other songs. The theme of the song "Transience" is the cycle of life and death. So I thought this format, which the main theme alternates with sub themes, was the perfect format to represent it."

Lyrical themes that dominate the album include the feeling of loss, endless sorrow, the sense of emptiness and remorse.


The album was recorded in different places; drums were recorded by Makoto Fujishima and Funeral Moth at Studio Seisho in July 2015. The guitar tracks were recorded by Tomohiro Kanja at SH8 in August/September of that year. The bass tracks were recorded by Ryo Amamiya at his own home studio. The rest of instruments and vocals were recorded by Makoto Fujishima at studio Celephäis from August to October 2015. 

Album cover Edit

The album cover depicts a picture of the sea, where a stick can be seen standing. When asked how the album artwork links to its lyrical theme, frontman Makoto Fujishima responded:

Transience is the story of transient mortal lives. Our lives last for 100 years or so at most. The earth will last much longer than human beings but it will be vanished in the end. Everything doesn’t last forever except time. The sea in the album artwork is the symbolization of womb and grave. Life was born from sea and after death my ashes will be thrown into the sea. From the mortal’s point of view, the sea is eternal but from the time’s point of view, the sea is also transient.
— Makoto Fujishima

Musical style Edit

Following the path of their previous melodic and tranquil slow doom album Dense Fog, they added various experimentations into their songwriting. For example, one of the songs is written in "Rondo" format traditionally used on classical composition. These new attempts have made their music become much more dramatic and complex. However, the band has taken a more lightful direction in their music, although the funeral doom elements are still present.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Transience"   21:59
2. "Lost"   17:54
Total length:

Personel Edit

  • Makoto Fujishima – guitar, synthesizer, vocals
  • Tomohiro Kanja – guitar
  • Ryo Amamiya – bass
  • Yuichiro Azegami – drums
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