Tolotta Records
Record label information
Founded 1994 (Dissolved 2002)
Genre(s) Stoner Rock, Doom Metal
Country of Origin USA
Based in Arlington, Virginia

Tolotta Records was a label active from 1994 - 2002. It was notably owned by Joe Lally of Fugazi fame.


Tolotta was formed by Joe Lally in 1994 with the label's first release being that of instrumental rock band Refinery / Crooked Teeth by Stinking Lizaveta. From that point, Lally used the label to reissue out of print albums and issue new albums by bands he liked and/or was friends with. a 7" by Shine (A pre-cursor to Spirit Caravan) would come in 1997 before releasing Jug Fulla Sun in 1999, with Dead Meadow's self-titled album and a reissue of The self-titled debut of The Obsessed that next year. The label would be it's most productive in 2001 with four releases.

When Dead Meadow and Spirit Caravan, the two key active bands on the label, stopped recording for Tolotta (Dead Meadow had moved to another label and Spirit Caravan broke up), Joe would put the imprint to rest, the final release being III by Stinking Lizaveta. Lally would use the Tolotta imprint in 2011 for a release of his solo album Why Should I Get Used To It (Also published in line with Dischord Records and Desmonta).


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