Studio album by Los Natas
Released 2003
Recorded May and June 2003 at Death Studios in Argentina
Genre Experimental Rock
Length 52:02
Label Ektro Records
Producer Los Natas
Los Natas chronology
Tormenta mental y Paranoico
Toba-trance II
Toba-trance is the fourth studio album by the Argentinian stoner rock trio Los Natas, released in late 2003 via Finnish label Ektro Records. In contrast to previous efforts Toba-Trance (And it's sequel album Toba-trance II) explores a wider range of sounds and cultures, taking a more experimental and improvised approach. While reviews on the album are relatively sparse it has been extensively praised by the likes of Sputnik Music[1] and AllMusic.[2] Both albums would also be comprised as a 2CD set via Argentinian label Oui Oui Records, notably that label's first release.
Los Natas - toba trance I (2003) FULL ALBUM

Los Natas - toba trance I (2003) FULL ALBUM


  • 1. La Tierra Delfín (21:22)
  • 2. Que Rico (14:21)
  • 3. Die Possime (16:19)


  • Sergio Chotsourian - Piano, Guitar, Flute, Lute, Vocals
  • Walter Briode - Drums, Percussion, Vocal Samples
  • Gonzago Villagra - Bass, Bass Drum, Charango, Lute, Engineer
  • Tom - Artwork

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  2. AllMusic
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