Titan Moon
Titan Moon
Regulus' first EP
Studio album by Regulus
Released November 1 2013
Recorded 2013 at Regulus' home studio in Sheffield, UK
Genre Stoner rock
Length 18:23
Label Independant
Producer Thomas Osborne and Regulus
Regulus chronology
The End
Titan Moon
Departure (The Spiral's Edge)

Titan Moon is the first EP from Regulus, a concept EP telling a story of inter-dimensional travel, slavery, and rebellion. It was recorded in 2013 by Thomas Osborne and Regulus at their home studio in Sheffield with artwork by Carl Cutting.

Concept Edit

Titan Moon tells the story of an unnamed character who has the ability to travel between dimensions. During his travels he finds a dimension in which Saturn's moon Titan is inhabited by an advanced civilisation existing in an apparent utopia. As the first traveller from another dimension to find them he is welcomed as a celebrity and decides to live amongst them. Due to his celebrity status he is approached by a group of rebels who reveal to him that the society of Titan Moon is built on the enslavement of beings pure energy taken from another dimension and used to power the advanced technology used by the civilisation on Titan. The character agrees to join the rebels and attempt to free the ethereal beings and leads an attack on Titan. In the end the rebellion is crushed through the might of the Titan army and the unwillingness of the normal people to give up their way of life and the character is forced to return to his own dimension and Earth.

Tracklist Edit

  1. Departure (The Spiral's Edge) (6:54)
  2. Arrival (Utopia Enslaved) (6:15)
  3. Return (The Hammer Falls) (5:14)

Links Edit

Titan Moon on Bandcamp

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