Tim Bagshaw
Tim Bagshaw
Background information
Occupation Musician
Genres Doom Metal, Sludge Metal, Death/Doom, Black Metal
Instrument(s) Bass, Guitar
Years active 1993 - Present?
Labels Rise Above Records, The Music Cartel, PsycheDOOMelic Records, This Dark Reign, Invada, Ritual Productions, Relapse
Associated acts Electric Wizard, Ramesses, Serpentine Path, With The Dead

Tim Bagshaw is a bassist and guitarist best known for his tenures with Electric Wizard and Ramesses.


Electric Wizard (1993 - 2002)Edit

Electric Wizard would be founded in 1993 by Bagshaw, Jus Oborn and Mark Greening. The band in their early stages wrote stoner/doom heavily inspired by Sabbath, eventually releasing their eponymous debut in 1994 via Rise Above Records. The band performed in the UK along with various parts of Europe, building a reputation in the stoner and doom scene. 1997's Come My Fanatics... would be seen as a milestone in doom metal as the band also drew influences from death metal and first-wave black metal such as Bathory and Celtic Frost.

Electric Wizard would release Dopethrone in 2000 to massive critical acclaim, often perceived as their magnum opus. After many attempts to tour Electric Wizard would tour The United States twice in 2001 to support Dopethrone. At one point rumors had spread that Bagshaw quit the band before the tour, only for Bagshaw to debunk those rumors. A follow-up came in 2002's Let Us Prey with touring throughout Europe and The United States. However friction between Oborn and Greening led to the latter leaving in 2002. Oborn and Bagshaw would continue on with Justin Greaves (Iron Monkey) for a November European tour with Cathedral but after that tour he would leave the band, citing conflicts in musical ideas and a disinterest in playing bass.

Ramesses (2003 - 2012)Edit

  • For further details feel free to view the page on Ramesses.

Rammesses would form in 2003 by Bagshaw, Greening and Adam Richardson (Lord of Putrefaction), with Bagshaw opting to play guitar. The band's sound was primarily doom metal that deviated into death/doom or black metal, evoking themes of misanthropy, war and the apocalypse. The band would release a single for Master Your Demons / Ramesses II followed by two EPs in 2005: We Will Lead You To Glorious Times and The Tomb. Ramesses would tour the United Kingdom in 2004 and then Europe for the first time in 2005, followed by another tour in 2006 with Sourvein.

Circa 30 April 2007 Ramesses would release their debut album Misanthropic Alchemy to positive reception. Along with touring alongside Unearthly Trance to support the album the band toured Europe the next year which included an appearance at Roadburn Festival. Following the release of an EP entitled Baptism of The Walking Dead work would begin on a second studio album.

Take The Curse would see release in 2010 via Ritual Productions, with a tour in support. The following year saw two more Ramesses releases: The band's third studio album Possessed By The Rise of Magik and an EP entitled Chrome Pineal. The band would tour in 2011 and 2012. Plans were intended to tour in 2013 which would include an appearance at Desertfest London but the band would break up on 29 January 2013. When the band returned in 2016 the band would get Mike Vest on guitar as Bagshaw was living in New York and unable to participate.

Other BandsEdit

In 2011 Bagshaw would get married and re-locate to New York City, he would collaborate with all three members of Unearthly Trance (And later Stephen Flam of Winter) to form the death/doom band Serpentine Path. The band established a blog in late 2011, premiering a song entitled "Erebus". A debut EP saw release in February, followed by a debut self-titled album on 11 September 2012. On 19 September the band announced that Winter guitarist Stephen Flam joined the group and that their live debut would be at Saint Vitus Bar on 27 October 2012. Serpentine Path would perform sporadic shows (About five in total.) and eventually work towards a second studio album, releasing Emanations on 27 May 2014 to positive reviews, their only recordings as a five-piece. However by 2016 Bagshaw would move on to other projects as Unearthly Trance would re-form.

Bagshaw, along with former bandmate Mark Greening and Lee Dorrian (Cathedral, Napalm Death, Septic Tank) would found With The Dead on 31 October 2014. Initially the intent was to make an EP but Dorrian declined in favor of it being an album. At some point during the sessions Tim Bagshaw had visited the United Kingdom to help with the recordings and Lee Dorrian was approached to join as vocalist to which he accepted. The recording sessions for the album would follow in March of 2015. The eponymous With The Dead saw release via Rise Above Records on 16 October 2015 to positive reviews.

With The Dead (With new drummer Alex Thomas and bassist Leo Smee) would begin performing sporadic shows in 2016 to support the album, roughly eight shows in all (Including appearances at Roadburn Festival in The Netherlands, Hellfest in France, Tuska Open Air in Finland and Loud Park in Japan among other gigs.). A second album with this lineup would be recorded and released on 22 September 2017, titled Love From With The Dead. The band would only perform twice that same year, the first show being in Finland. However due to Bagshaw suffering from various health issues the band was forced to drop off an appearance at Bloodstock. The band would still play at Psycho Las Vegas, albeit with Scott Carlson in Bagshaw's place. The status of With The Dead is unknown.

Bagshaw would also collaborate with Ryan Lipynsky for his solo black metal project The Howling Wind, playing bass for the band's first live shows in 2015.[1]


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  1. The Howling Wind Blogspot
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