Three Floyd's Brewpub
Three Floyds
The front entrance of the Brewpub.
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Founded 1996
Location Munster, Indiana, USA
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Three Floyd's Brewpub is a bar and brewery in Munster, Indiana.

Active since 1996, Three Floyd's are best known for their samurai-like and "not normal" approach to brewing beers, collaborating with bands for exclusive beers and their yearly event entitled Dark Lord Days which features metal bands playing outdoors at the facility itself.


founded in 1996 by brothers Nick and Simon and their father Mike Floyd in Hammond, Indiana. Since 2000, the brewery has been located in Munster, Indiana. In 2005, Three Floyds opened a brewpub adjacent to the brewery in Munster.

Three Floyd's has attained numerous praise for their unorthodox approach to brewing and for some of their rarer, seasonal beers with Dark Lord (An imperial stout) being among their rarest.

Every year in April the brewpub will host the Dark Lord Day event at the brewpub with a limited capacity. Along with the Dark Lord beer being sold that day there are also bands usually performing at the facility as a bonus. Some proceeds of the festival are also donated to charities.

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Collaborative BeersEdit

Along with Three Floyd's year-round and seasonal beers the brewery is also known for composing collaborative beers with various bands over the years in limited capacity. Along with the band collaborations they have composed beers in collaboration with various coffee shops and other breweries around the world.

  • Blood of the Sunsets (At The Gates)
  • Evil Power (Lair of the Minotaur)
  • Horny For Blood (Municipal Waste)
  • Immutable Dusk (Pelican)
  • In The Name of Suffering (Eyehategod)
  • Ragnarok (Amon Amarth)
  • Razorhoof (High on Fire)
  • Rye'd Da Lightning (Reckless Records)
  • The Creeper (Pelican)
  • Toxic Maltz (Exodus)
  • Toxic Revolution (Municipal Waste)
  • Wiseblood (Corrosion of Conformity)
  • $600 Lizard Shoes (Ric Flair)

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