The Tomb
The Tomb Ramesses
The Picture Disc vinyl edition.
Extended play by Ramesses
Released 2005
Recorded Halloween 2004 (Recording) at State of Art in Easton, Bristol, England
Genre Death/Doom, Doom Metal
Length 32:38 (CD)
Producer Mick Barker, Christiane F., Ramesses
Ramesses chronology
We Will Lead You To Glorious Times
The Tomb
Misanthropic Alchemy

The Tomb is the second EP by Ramesses, released via Invada in 2005.


Not long after the first recording sessions by the band, Ramesses would go on to record a series of new songs on Halloween 2004 with the recordings ultimately being released in 2005. "Unholy Outburst #3" is exclusive to the CD version.

The vinyl edition was a picture disc limited to 666 copies, featuring "Black Domina" and "Witchampton" from We Will Lead You To Glorious Times as exclusive vinyl tracks (The other two songs from the EP were released as a 7" in 2003.).


CD VersionEdit

  • 1. The Tomb - 7:02
  • 2. Cult of Cyclops - 9:14
  • 3. Omniversal Horror - 6:14
  • 4. Unholy Outburst #3 - 10:08

Vinyl VersionEdit

  • A1. The Tomb - 7:02
  • A2. Cult of Cyclops - 9:14
  • A3. Omniversal Horror - 6:14
  • B1. Black Domina - 11:10
  • B2. Witchampton - 8:44


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