The TAB Remix
The Tab Remix
Cover for the original demo.
Extended play by Monster Magnet
Released 1989
Recorded 1989? in Red Bank, New Jersey, USA
Genre Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock
Label Cool Beans (Original)
Producer Monster Magnet
Monster Magnet chronology
Forget About Life, I'm High On Dope
The TAB Remix
We're Stoned, What Are You Going To Do About It?

The TAB Remix is a series of demos of unmixed and early interpretations of the song Tab before it was officially recorded and released in 1991. Along with this demo several other unmixed demos of Tab have surfaced on the internet. The exact time these demos were recorded are unknown.


The TAB RemixEdit

Note: The same program repeats on both sides.

  • 1. The TAB Remix (22:10)

Early Tab MixesEdit

  • 1. Tab Early Mix 1 (24:31)
  • 2. Tab Early Mix 2 (37:03)

Tab SessionsEdit

  • 1. Intro (1:49)
  • 2. 25 (7:37)
  • 3. Long Hair (5:51)
  • 4. Tab (16:33)
  • 5. Psych Jam (5:42)
  • 6. Tab (22:37)


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The Tab Remix

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