The Sort of Quartet
Sort Of Quartet
Background information
Origin California, USA
Genres Freeform Jazz, Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Years active 1989 - 2000?
Labels SST Records, Crippled Dick Hot Wax!
Associated acts Yawning Man, Yawning Sons, Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Orquesta del Desierto, Ché, Fatso Jetson, Ten East

The Sort of Quartet was a freeform jazz/psychedelic rock project formed by all four members of Yawning Man in the late 1980s. When that band's sound began changing into something more jazz-based during their many jam sessions, working in faster pace and more changes/frenetic time signatures. Thus a new band was formed. The Sort of Quartet did perform live though mainly in the Palm Desert and California areas. Later into the 1990s the band managed to release four albums, three with SST Records (Planet Mamon on 11 July 1995, Kiss Me Twice I'm Schizo on 20 February 1996 and Bombas de Amor on 2 July 1996.). A fourth album entitled Victim À La Mode would be released via Crippled Dick Hot Wax! in 1999.

The Lalli brothers would concentrate on Fatso Jetson while Gary Arce would be involved with Ten East and Alfredo Hernández would perform for Queens of the Stone Age, Ché and other groups. Eventually Yawning Man would begin playing again in the 2000s and release their first record in 2005.


  • Planet Mamon (1995, SST Records)
  • Kiss Me Twice I'm Schizo (1996, SST Records)
  • Bombas de Amor (1996, SST Records)
  • Victim À La Mode (1999, Crippled Dick Hot Wax!)


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