The Soda Shop
The Soda Shop
Background information
Web Address The Soda Shop Official
Slogan The home for stoner rock news and reviews.
Creator Jake Ball, Ron Vance
Launch Date February 2009
Current Status Defunct

The Soda Shop was a stoner rock blog formed in 2009 by Jake Ball and Ron Vance though later helmed by Ball and Bill Goodman circa February 2010. The site would feature bandcamp selections, reviews, news, interviews, "Swedish Sunday" and the "new band to burn one to" inspired by By 2011 the site reached it's second anniversary and was successful enough to host a festival in "Fuzzapalooza" and hosting compilation albums.[1] The Soda Shop would host a podcast spanning 26 episodes.

On 8 May 2012 the site would cease updates. Two short-lived blogs would spawn from The Soda Shop's demise in The Evil Engineer and Stoned Soda.

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