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The Sludgelord is a review page/blog created by Aaron Pickford in April 2012. The site reviews a wide range of underground heavy bands. Though often reviewing doom, sludge, stoner and post-metal the site has also reviewed music along the lines of black metal, death metal, grindcore, heavy metal and experimental. The site's ethos is often based in showcasing bands signed or unsigned but an emphasis on giving nod to those in the underground.


Through the 2010s the site has grown into a site with several writers and reviewers. Aaron Pickford among the lead contributors. The site would Alsop spawn a label in Sludgelord Records in 2015,[2] beginning with free compilations and later expanding into DIY releases since 2013.

The Sludgelord's motto is "Liberation Through Amplification".

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Album Reviews - The most common articles on The Sludgelord are reviews of various albums by a wide arrangement of bands. As of 2020 there are nearly 2800 album reviews on The Sludgelord.
  • EP Reviews - Similar in format to the Album Reviews but in this regard it's extended plays, singles or generally shorter releases.
  • 666 Pack Reviews - A sort of "lightning round" review where six unknown bands are selected and reviewed in six words with a rating, either a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 666 for those received in high regard.
  • Interviews - Interviews with various musicians.
  • Albums of The Year - Top Album Picks by various staff members along with other anecdotes.
  • Choice Cuts - Reviews and re-visits of past albums.
  • For Those About To Rock - Largely exclusive premieres of new albums.
  • Satan's Dozen - A yearly showcase of a dozen largely unknown bands that attained positive reception from various writers on The Sludgelord.
  • The Sour 16 - A showcase of the top sixteen albums of the month.

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