The Sleeping Shaman
The Sleeping Shaman
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Slogan The 'heavier than thou' webzine
Creator Lee "Shaman Lee" Edwards
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The Sleeping Shaman is a reviews website covering Doom and all of it's sub-genres.[1] It was founded on February 23rd 2003 [2] by Lee "Shaman Lee" Edwards.

The website's slogan is "The Heavier Than Thou Webzine".


The Sleeping Shaman was founded on 23 February 2003 by Lee Edwards after embarking in photography at gigs and had been practicing web design at the time. So he opted to make a website with photos and reviews. A friend of his in Burnsey (Volition) would add several reviews and the site, as Lee described it, "just kinda snowballed from there".[3]

Sleeping Shaman Home Page

The Sleeping Shaman's page as it appeared on May 18th 2015.

The site has attained praise for giving a platform to several unknown bands in the UK scene along with other bands from around the world. By the time of the site's further growth Edwards would stop writing reviews and focus full-time on maintaining the page while a wide range of contributors would commission to the site be it album reviews, live reviews or interviews.

A label was also started in Shaman Recordings, which released several albums in the 2010s.

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