The Paragon Trisagion
Studio album by Potmos Hetoimos
Released August 18, 2015
Recorded 2014–2015
Genre Post-Metal, Sludge Metal, Progressive Metal
Length 197:10
Label Independent
Producer Matt Matheson, Ben Rosenbach
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The Paragon Trisagion
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The Paragon Trisagion is the tenth album by the American one-man band Potmos Hetoimos. It was released on August 18, 2015. Although the album is spread out over three acts, it is actually a digital release and includes guest musicians such as Persefone's Carlos Lozano, Crib45's Teemu Mantynen, First Reign's Sean Lang, and members of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society.

The album also includes the 55-minute epic "Wayward Stars", which is the second longest song Potmos Hetoimos has ever recorded.

At 3 hours, 17 minutes and 10 seconds, it is the longest PH album, overtaking the 2007 album Dance with Divinity.

Background Edit

While working on a funeral doom trilogy, which consists of three albums titled Maribel, Evelyn and Maribel, Potmos Hetoimos had not forsaken its sludge and post-metal roots, so there was an enormous amount of non-doom material waiting to be recorded after that. 

In an interview, PH founder Matt Matheson said he focused on giving each song a distinct feel and appeal from ‘go,’ at least more so than he did on previous records. He added:

“I think with Maribel, I really hit the pinnacle of my ability as a doom composer. I felt like I had pushed my own personal capacity as far as it could go with that, and I was ready to get back to some more high-energy songs, stuff you could show off to your friends, stuff you could blast in the car. As much as I liked Maribel, anytime someone unfamiliar with my music wanted to hear what it sounded like, I would struggle to think of what part to show them. It’s not exactly accessible. So I bought this album back down to Earth a little, […] and made each song something I’d be psyched to show people, something more immediately gripping.”
— Matt Matheson

At 3 hours, 17 minutes and 10 seconds, it it both the project's first triple album and the longest PH album, described by Matheson as “to my knowledge, the longest studio album in metal history.” When asked about it, he stated that he “just wanted to push it even farther.”

Musically, the album blends Matheson’s affinity for doom with the atmospheric sludge style that Potmos Hetoimos focused on before the trilogy, but it also dabbles in hardcore and post-hardcore, lending some songs more drive than pase Isis-style morass. An impressive roster of eclectic and offbeat guest spots further diversifies some songs. A few guest highlights include guitarist Carlos Lozano of Andorran prog-metal band Persefone, Norwegian jazz saxophonist Ben Widerøe from Seven Impale, and (of particular interest to longtime IO readers) Andrew Millar of Patrons of the Rotting Gate lending vocals to standout track “Amethysts,” which is part of disc 1.

Musical style Edit

Musically, the album covered post-metal, progressive stoner metal and more straightforward prog metal.

Track listing Edit

Act I

No. Title Length
1. "Light Wells"   8:44
2. "Synthetic Eclipse"   10:13
3. "Resplendence"   2:21
4. "Amethysts"   6:43
5. "Strawgod"   11:20
6. "Cherubae"   4:41
7. "Fear and Bright"   9:34
8. "Queen of the Fire"   7:39
9. "Heliamartia"   6:44
10. "Adamah, Anima"   6:47

Act II

No. Title Length
11. "Fallow Soil"   9:21
12. "The Devil's Miracles"   11:52
13. "Goannai"   5:11
14. "Residence Altar"   9:20
15. "Awaken the Dawn"   8:00


No. Title Length
16. "Blue Agave Prism"   2:43
17. "Shadetree"   6:14
18. "Shade Eater"   3:30
19. "Nostalgia Nausea"   5:49
20. "Lamppost"   5:11
21. "Wayward Stars"
  • "I. Asteres Planetai"
  • "II. Cloud of Darkness"
  • "III. Oligopistides
  • "IV. 40 Years"
  • "V. Asteres Mysterioi"
  • "VI. Godless Heaven"
  • "VII. Choir of Echoes"
  • "VIII. Edge of the Earth"
  • "IX. Aster Proïnon / Light of the Morning Star"  
  • 5:39
  • 2:31
  • 6:53
  • 8:13
  • 1:41
  • 11:01
  • 3:49
  • 7:18
  • 8:08
Total length:

Personel Edit

Potmos Hetoimos

Session musicians

  • Raleigh Booze – extra vocals, extra percussion, noise
  • Ben Rosenbach – extra vocals, extra percussion, clarinet
  • Kirby Franklin – extra percussion
  • Patrick Leahy – piano, extra keyboard
  • Rochelle Matheson – flute
  • Brittiany Matheson – extra vocals
  • Lynn Pereira – violin
  • Casey Burnett - trumpet

Guest musicians

  • Benjamin Widerøe (Seven Impale) – saxophone on [1]
  • Teemu Mäntynen (Crib45) – vocals on [2]
  • Andrew Millar (Patrons of the Rotting Gate) – vocals on [4]
  • Alex Eckman-Lawn (Hammer Mountain) – programming on [10]
  • Carlos Lozano (Persefone) – guitar solo on [12]
  • Sean Lang (First Reign, Seven Year Storm) – drums on [20]
  • Eric Poch, Matthew Casella, Sarah Gorman (Baltimore Rock Opera Society) – vocals on [21]
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