The Millstone
Studio album by Potmos Hetoimos
Released September 12, 2006
Recorded Summer 2006–September 11, 2007
Genre Doom metal
Progressive metal
Length 74:27
Label independent
Potmos Hetoimos chronology
Proclaim Thy Judgment
The Millstone
Suffering the Storm

The Millstone is the second full-length Potmos Hetoimos album, released on September 12, 2006 and remixed for slightly better sound quality in 2008. It is one of the few PH albums released without artwork until collaborator Raleigh decided to rectify that problem by designing art for all the previously naked albums.

The album was a much more focused effort than its precursor. The storyline and lyrics and a handful of vague guitar parts were written over the summer of 2006, and the album was recorded from scratch between August 11th and September 11th of that year. The album was released during the death of Reneé, Matt Matheson's first girlfriend, and acts as a tribute to her.

The subject matter is quite controversial for such an overtly Christian album, as prominent themes include pedophilia, rape, and suicide.

Plot Edit

The story of the album follows the thoughts of a man who has been thrown into the ocean with a millstone tied around his neck (a literal punishment from Luke 17:1-2). He struggles between suppressing the memories of the sinful action that caused this sentence and reminiscing to ascertain the truth of what happened. Later, Satan makes a bid to consume his mind and plunge him permanently into despair, but God refuses to permit this and allows the man to recall the truth of his deeds.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Judgment Day"   4:06
2. "Submersion"   7:28
3. "The Lost"   7:06
4. "The Red Beneath"   14:38
5. "The Sins of the Thousands"   10:35
6. "The Accuser"   15:11
7. "Submission"   11:30
8. "Arise" (instrumental) 3:54
Total length:

Personel Edit

Potmos Hetoimos

  • Matt Matheson – guitars, bass, drums, keyboard, vocals, programming

Session members

  • Raleigh – noise on "The Red Beneath"
  • Pat – piano on "The Accuser"
  • Anna – violin on "Arise"
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