The Maryland Doom Fest
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The oiginal lineup for the 2016 edition.
Background information
Genre(s) Doom Metal
Date(s) June
Location Fredrick, Maryland
Venue(s) Cafe 611 (2015 - Present)
Guido's Speakeasy (2019 - Present)
Years active 2015 - Present
Promoter(s) The Obelisk
Website Official Facebook
The Maryland Doom Fest is a festival held in Fredrick, Maryland, USA. As expected from the title, the festival mainly is a showcase of Doom Metal with some Stoner Metal and Sludge Metal in the lineup as well. Though a continuation of doom festivals in the Maryland area, the name of the festival itself is likely a play on Maryland Deathfest, a popular festival in Baltimore, Maryland.

Since the festival's formation in 2015, the event has hosted several acts in the scene whether from Maryland or other parts of the world, along with special one-time reunions.



The 2015 edition of The Maryland Doom Fest was held from June 26 to June 28 at Cafe 611 in Fredrick, Maryland.

June 26 June 27 June 28
The Skull Spirit Caravan Iron Man
Unorthodox Apostle of Solitude Foehammer
Thousand Vision Mist Outside Truth Lord
Into The Void Valkyrie Mind's Eye
Banned From H.E.L.L. Project Armageddon Nagato
Primer Grey Foghound Mangog
Balam Faith In Jane
Slaves B.C.
Season of Arrows


The 2016 edition of The Maryland Doom Fest was held from June 24 to June 26 at Cafe 611 in Fredrick, Maryland. Spirit Caravan were intended to headline the June 24 date but on February 28 Wino announced the reformation of The Obsessed, therefore changing the respective band for the date.

On April 10, an announcement was made that Orodruin were no longer able to play the festival that year. The next day, Foghound would be announced as their replacement.[1]

Notably, this is the first gig also for Internal Void since breaking up in 2013. Notably their set will span an hour and feature the "Standing on the Sun" lineup performing together for the first time in 23 years.[2]

On June 22 it was announced that Orthodox would no longer be able to play the festival and thus were replaced by Brimstone Coven.

June 24 June 25 June 26
The Obsessed Bang Mos Generator
Internal Void
Place of Skulls Karma To Burn
Castle Blackfinger King Giant
Ruby The Hatchet Brimstone Coven Wasted Theory
Pale Divine War Injun Foghound
Demon Eye Hollow Leg Toke
Admiral Browning Wizard Eye Eternal Black
Inter Arma Spillage Seasick Gladiator
Atala Argus Doperider
Black Urn Serpents of Secrecy Flummox
Wicked Inquisition Mangog


The 2017 edition of The Maryland Doom Fest was held from June 23 to June 25 at Cafe 611 in Fredrick, Maryland. A pre-show featuring Valkyrie, Beastmaker, Weed Is Weed, Borracho, Sweet Heat and Spillage was held on June 22 at Cafe 611.[3] A separate show was held at Guido's Speakeasy featuring Black Pussy, Black Dominia, Brother Ox, Thousand Vision Mist and Bailjack.[4]

June 23 June 24 June 25
Captain Beyond The Skull Black Pyramid
Lo-Pan Bang The Atomic Bitchwax
Apostle of Solitude Wo Fat Freedom Hawk
Faith In Jane Earthride Lightning Born
Beelzefuzz The Watchers Lifetime Shitlist
Wretch Hollow Leg Akris
Demon Eye Serpents of Secrecy Burn Thee Insects
Brimstone Coven King Bison Thonian Horde
Black Manta Heavy Temple Cavern
Sierra The Well Old Blood
Witches of God Horehound
Black Tar Prophet


After the 2017 edition was finished it was announced on Facebook that a 2018 edition of the festival was happening, with a full lineup announcement on Halloween. On 13 April 2018 The Midnight Ghost Train announced they were ending the band with a small final tour to close out their career, with their performance at Maryland Doom Fest confirmed to be their final live performance.

June 22 June 23 June 24
The Obsessed Windhand Weedeater
Zed Castle The Midnight Ghost Train
Final Performance
Unorthodox Earthride Duel
Thousand Vision Mist The Watchers Caustic Casanova
Disenchanter Cavern Backwoods Payback
Lightning Born Foghound Curse The Son
Bailjack Switchblade Jesus Hawkeyes
Geezer Las Cruces Book of Wyrms
Horseburner Doomstress Witchhelm
Shadow Witch Bedowyn
Molasses Barge Gateway To Hell

2019: Doom Hawg DayEdit

In late December the people behind The Maryland Doom Fest would announce a one-day marquee event known as Doom Hawg Day. This event would happen on 2 February 2019 at Cafe 611 in Frederick, Maryland.[5]

  • Pale Divine
  • Kingsnake
  • Faith in Jane
  • The Age of Truth
  • Horehound
  • Stone Dust Riders
  • Seasick Gladiator
  • Freedom Hawk
  • Shadow Witch
  • Thonian Horde
  • Thunderchief
  • Dee Calhoun

2019: The Maryland Doom FestEdit

On 15 October 2018, The Maryland Doom Fest confirmed that the fifth annual fest was set for 20 - 23 June 2019, with a full lineup to be announced on Halloween as per Maryland Doom Fest tradition. On 31 October the entire lineup would be announced as a three-day event. As a special bonus, a fourth day would be added in observance of the 20th anniversary of Stoner Hands of Doom and featuring several bands who performed at the festival. A second venue would be added in Guido's Speakeasy for the 2019 edition.

It would also be confirmed that Belzefuzz's appearance at the 2019 edition will be their last performance.[6]

June 20
Stoner Hands of Doom 20th Anniversary
Reunion Performance
Wasted Theory
Devil To Pay
Deer Creek
Weed Is Weed
Freedom Hawk
After The Sun
June 21
Cafe 611
June 21
Guido's Speakeasy
Mothership Clouds Taste Satanic
Pale Divine Benthic Realm
Lo-Pan Dead Sisters
Year of The Cobra Funeral Horse
The Age of Truth
Backwoods Payback
The Druids
June 22
Cafe 611
June 22
Guido's Speakeasy
Pentagram Electric Age
Apostle of Solitude Pale Grey Lore
Foghound Thunderchief
Final Performance
Seasick Gladiator
Atala Crooked Hills
Forming The Void
Atomic 26
Eternal Black
June 23
Cafe 611
June 23
Guido's Speakeasy
Conan Temptation's Wings
Zed Wolf Blood
Kings Destroy Stone Dust Riders
Thousand Vision Mist
Faith in Jane
Shadow Witch
Thonian Horde

2020: Doom Hawg DayEdit

On 1 January it would be announced that the bookers behind The Maryland Doom Fest would once again be hosting Doom Hawg Day, with the second edition taking place on 1 February 2020 at Cafe 611 in Fredrick, Maryland.[7]

  • Faith in Jane
  • Bailjack
  • Galactic Cross
  • Wrath of Typhon
  • Cavern
  • Knoxxville
  • Strange Highways
  • The Age of Truth
  • Et Mors

2020: The Maryland Doom FestEdit

On Halloween the 2020 Edition of The Maryland Doom Fest would initially be announced for 18 - 21 June 2020.[8] Along with four days like the previous edition the festival would announce it's most extensive lineup to date. On 4 May 2020 it would be announced that the festival would be moved to 29 October - 1 November due to The CO-VID19 Pandemic, maintaining the same lineup at the time of announcement.[9]

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