The Greater Gospel
Studio album by Potmos Hetoimos
Released September 12, 2009
Recorded August 3–September 11, 2009
Genre Post-metal, Christian metal
Length 64:24
Label independent
Potmos Hetoimos chronology
The Greater Gospel

The Greater Gospel is the sixth album by the American one-man band Potmos Hetoimos. It was released on September 12, 2009. The album discusses the problems of poverty, exploitation, and ignorance in the city, and how the Kingdom of God can break through manmade barriers to provide hope.

Background and recording Edit

On July 27, 2009, Potmos Hetoimos founder Matt Matheson announced that he wrote the first snippets of lyrics, a little bit for "Tower of Need" and a little bit for "Fluorescent Twilight". According to Matheson, "most of these songs have one or two musical ideas already, but none of them are totally written yet. I also haven’t begun writing lyrics, because I refuse to do so until I’m actually living in the city. I can’t write what I don’t know about firsthand."

Potmos Hetoimos recorded four albums completely solo (excluding guest appearances), then added Jason as main vocalist for Kingdoms. The Greater Gospel was the second and last album to feature him on vocal duties. It also saw the addition of a third member, Patrick, one of Matheson's friends, took over most of the synth, piano and keyboard duties as well as contributing some singing vocals.

The album's working title was Baltimore, but because Matheson's friends expressed mixed feelings on this album title, suggesting that naming the album after one specific city would make the subject matter inaccessible to listeners from other locations, the album was named The Greater Gospel. In his recording journal, Matheson expressed his feelings about the working title:

"I began ideating with the tentative album title Baltimore, since the album will deal with the current failure of the Kingdom of God to transform the kingdom of the world in urban contexts, and since I planned on living and ministering in Baltimore after graduating from the University of North Carolina."

This is also the only PH album not to feature a song longer than 10 minutes in length.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Outside the City Gates"   1:19
2. "Sector 7"   6:40
3. "Tower of Need"   9:00
4. "Fluorescent Twilight"   8:16
5. "Ambling Cadavers"   8:05
6. "Where Gardens Never Grow"   2:39
7. "Vagrant Prophecy"   8:14
8. "The Crumbling Dam"   9:33
9. "Avalanche"   1:44
10. "The Greater Gospel"   8:54
Total length:

Personel Edit

Potmos Hetoimos

  • Matt Matheson – guitar, drums, bass, keyboard on track 3

Session musicians

  • Jason – vocals
  • Patrick – vocals, keyboard on track 5
  • Raleigh Booze – guitar on track 8, noise on track 9
  • Carole – piano on tracks 8 and 10
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