The Diviners Sage
Studio album by Camel of Doom
Released 2 June 2008
Genre Doom metal, stoner metal, experimental
Length 38:20
Label Independent
Producer Kris Clayton
Camel of Doom chronology
Camel of Doom
The Diviners Sage
The Night After Time

The Diviners Sage is the second studio album by Camel of Doom, released on 2 June 2008.

Background Edit

Originally recorded by the now defunct 04/05 line-up and appropriately completed in a haze of Salvia smoke and Benzylpiperazine by Kris Clayton in 2008, the album is the crowning glory of the band's full line-up era.

It contains three epic songs, each mixing heavy-as-hell riffage with the spaced out saxfests that defined the band, held together with a layer of fuzz, echoes and vintage 70′s keyboards, all adding up to a warm and delightful tribute to cosmic space, shamanic ritual and imagined mythology.

Track listing Edit

All lyrics written by Kris Clayton. 
No. Title Length
1. "The Diviners Sage"   12:21
2. "Monolith"   9:59
3. "EarthHammer"   16:00
Total length:

Personel Edit

  • Kris Clayton – guitar, vocals, keyboards, lyrics
  • Laura Wittingham – bass
  • Tom Sadler – drums
  • Rosie Potts – saxophone
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