The Death Wheelers
Background information
Origin Québec City, Quebec, Canada
Genres Stoner Rock, Instrumental Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Punk Rock
Years active 2015–present
Labels RidingEasy Records
Associated acts Strange Broue, Sons of Geezora, Marécages
Current members Max "The Axe" Tremblay
Richard "The Bastard" Turcotte
Hugo "Red Beard" Bertacchi
Sy "Wild Rye" Tremblay
The Death Wheelers is a Canadian instrumental stoner rock band from Québec City, Quebec, Canada formed in 2015. Its line-up is the same as Strange Broue and the members adopt the pseudonyms The Axe, The Bastard, Red Beard and Wild Rye. However, in a departure from Strange Broue's typical stoner doom style, they rather play an instrumental, faster-paced style of stoner rock while incorporating elements from 1970s hard rock, punk rock and heavy metal with occasional doom metal aspects.

The band's name comes from the 1973 movie Psychomania, which heavily inspired them.

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  • Summon the End / Mind-Blowing Trip!!! (Split with Witchstone, 2016)

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