The Crybaby
The Crybaby
How does it feel to take the blame?
Studio album by Melvins
Released February 7 2000
Recorded 1999 - 2000 at Louder Studios in San Fransisco, California
Genre Grunge, Noise Rock, Experimental Rock, Noise, Country, Industrial, Trip Hop, Sludge Metal
Length 73:03
Producer The Melvins, Tim Green, Tool, Ryeland Allison, Vince DeFranco
Melvins chronology
The Bootlicker
The Crybaby
Live At Slim's 8-Track Tape

The Crybaby is the twelfth studio album by Melvins and the third album in The Trilogy. It would be only the sixth studio release by Ipecac Recordings.

In a further shift from the first two albums in the trilogy this album focuses on a concept of "guest singers" and exudes a constant shift of genres throughout. Notable guests include Kevin Sharp (Brutal Truth), Bliss Blood (The Pain Teens), Hank Williams III, Henry Bogdan (Helmet), J.G. Thirlwell, Skeleton Key and child actor Leif Garrett singing Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Notably it's also the only Melvins full-length barring collaborations to not feature any vocals by Buzz Osborne.


Writing and RecordingEdit

The Crybaby was not originally intended to be the third album in the trilogy but rather a full-on live album of experimental recordings entitled Colossus of Destiny was intended to be the third part. However plans changed when the band happened on the "guest singers" idea and thus Colossus of Destiny became the fourth album in the trilogy.

Many of the songs are unique in their respective context to the record. "Divorced" was written by Dale Crover about his divorce from Lori S. from Acid King and features all former members of Tool contributing, with Danny Carey and Maynard Keenan having a conversation during the song. "Dry Drunk" is an original song up until 1:33 before samples and Godzik Pink perform the interlude, until the song becomes Dry Drunk once again at 3:17. At the end of the album there is silence before a spooky sample of "amazon" from The Maggot shows up before more silence and a raspy voice screaming "AGAIN!".

"Ramblin' Man" and "Okie From Muskogee" were also tacked onto a compilation in 1 April 2014 entitled Ramblin' Man via Curb Records, Hank III's former label. This release nor any recent releases of Hank III on that label are authorized by Hank III.

The Trilogy VinylEdit

The Trilogy was later released on vinyl by Ipecac Recordings (The Trilogy Vinyl, IPC-011, November 27, 2000) with the other two albums in said trilogy. On the back sleeve of the vinyl a warning is included that reads, "Contents include imagery that may be considered offensive or dangerous. Don't be a dumb ass." The artwork is offensive, but is quoted to be a joke by the band with Side B contradicting the artwork of Side A for each vinyl). In the base of The Crybaby Side A for the third vinyl is a picture of the Cross and side B is a Satanic Star/Pentagram.

Notably The Crybaby is the most drastically affected of the three albums in terms of the vinyl edition. The first two minutes of "Divorced" are cut for vinyl limitations and the last four tracks are omitted completely.

Melvins - The Crybaby FULL ALBUM - 2000

Melvins - The Crybaby FULL ALBUM - 2000


Crybaby CDEdit

  • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) (5:01)
  • 2. Blockbuster (Jesus Lizard) (3:09)
  • 3. Ramblin' Man (Hank Williams) (3:14)
  • 4. G.I. Joe (Patton, Rutmanis) (3:59)
  • 5. Mine Is No Disgrace (Osborne, Thirlwell) (8:21)
  • 6. Spineless (Sanko) (4:01)
  • 7. Divorced (Crover, Melvins) (14:42)
  • 8. Dry Drunk (Osborne, Yow, Godzik Pink) (4:03)
  • 9. Okie From Muskogee (Merle Haggard) (2:10)
  • 10. The Man With The Laughing Hand Is Dead (Osborne, Blood) (11:26)
  • 11. Moon Pie (Osborne, Sharp (12:44)

Crybaby VinylEdit

  • 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) (5:01)
  • 2. Blockbuster (Jesus Lizard) (3:09)
  • 3. Ramblin' Man (Hank Williams) (3:14)
  • 4. Mine Is No Disgrace (Osborne, Thirlwell) (8:21)
  • 5. Spineless (Sanko) (4:01)
  • 6. G.I. Joe (Patton, Rutmanis) (3:59)
  • 7. Divorced (Crover, Melvins) (12:42)


  • King Buzzo - Guitar (1-3, 5-11), Bass (1), Noise (4)
  • Dale Crover - Drums (1, 3, 5-11), Mattel Drums, Guitar (2), Noise (4), Vocals (9)
  • Kevin Rutmanis - Bass (2-11), Slide Bass (2, 8), Oscillator, Harmonica, Metronome, Voice, Guitar, Engineer (4), Vocals (8)
  • Leif Garrett - Vocals (1)
  • David Yow - Vocals (2, 8)
  • Hank Williams III - Guitar (3), Vocals (3, 9)
  • Henry Bogdan - Steel Guitar (3, 9)
  • Mike Patton - Vocals, Sampler, Guitar, Percussion, Engineer (4)
  • J.G. Thirlwell - Vocals, Samples, Engineer, Mixing (5)
  • Eric Sanko - Guitar, Vocals (6)
  • Rick Lee - Trash, Samples (6)
  • Amanda Ferguson - Vocals (6)
  • Tool - Producer (7)
  • Godzik Pink - Interlude (8)
  • Bliss Blood - Vocals, Wurlitzer Treated Vocal, Electric Sitar, Musical Saws & Señor Wences samples (10)
  • Kevin Sharp - Vocals, Samples (11)
  • Tim Green - Producer, Engineer (drums on 1, 4 & 5), Mixing (6)
  • Billy Howerdel - Mixing (1), Guitar & Bass Engineer (1)
  • Roderick Kohn - Engineer (6)
  • Vince DeFranco - Producer (7)
  • Ryeland Allison - Producer (7)
  • David Scott Stone - Engineer (Interlude on 8)
  • Kurt Wolf - Engineer (10)
  • Mackie Osborne - Artwork

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