The CO-VID19 Pandemic
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Roadburn 2020, intended for April 2020 before the pandemic forced the festival to postpone.
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The CO-VID19 Pandemic
Year 2020
Start date February (Ongoing)
Region Worldwide
The CO-VID19 Pandemic tour chronology
The CO-VID19 Pandemic

The CO-VID19 Pandemic (Also known as The Coronavirus Pandemic) is a global pandemic caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The outbreak started in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, in December 2019. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January 2020 and recognised it as a pandemic on 11 March 2020. As of 3 April 2020, more than 1,040,000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in more than 190 countries and 200 territories, resulting in more than 55,100 deaths.

Notably this pandemic would affect many mediums including sports, the arts and the world of music with people being told to stay home as not to potentially spread the virus. Notably beginning in late February and going into March many bands would be forced to cancel tours, notably The Reverend Horton Heat and The Exploited both garnering controversy for refusing to cancel their respective tours (Though some promoters and venues would cancel the shows instead.).[1]

This page serves as a list of bands in the stoner, sludge, desert, doom, psychedelic and post-rock scenes affected by the pandemic.

Festivals Affected By The Pandemic[edit | edit source]

  • SXSW, a popular festival held in Austin, Texas, would be entirely canceled on 6 March 2020 due to coronavirus concerns. Though several unofficial events surrounding SXSW intended to go as planned (Stoner Jam) almost all of these events would cancel within one or two weeks of the announcement.[2]
  • Maryland Deathfest, a popular metal festival hosted in May, would be forced to reschedule for 2021, with roughly 90% of the lineup retained.[3]
  • Hellfest, who originally proposed for June 2020 and was set for it's fifteenth anniversary, would postpone to 19 - 21 June 2021 in light of the pandemic.[4]
  • It would be announced on 12 May that Reading Festival and Leeds Festival would both cancel in light of the pandemic.[5]
  • Roadburn Festival was originally confirmed for 16 - 19 April 2020. When the pandemic began to rise Roadburn intended to go as planned despite several bands cancelling. However in late March it would be announced that the Dutch government deemed all events forbidden until June. Thus Roadburn would cancel for the first time and re-schedule to April 2021 as announced on 3 April 2020.[6]
  • Sonic Whip in the Netherlands would also be entirely canceled due to the Dutch government restricting all events until 1 June.[7]
  • The inaugural Desert Hel, set for late April in Finland, would be forced to postpone to next year.[8]
  • DesertFest Berlin and Desertfest London would both cancel in late March, both announcing re-scheduled events for May 2021 billed as A Decade in The Desert.[9] In May it would be announced that Desertfest Belgium, originally set for October, would cancel as well.
  • Kristonfest, intended for 9 May 2020, canceled entirely on 20 March due to the pandemic, stating with the lineup in place that it would be impossible to re-schedule. The festival is focusing on a 2021 edition.[10]
  • The 2020 edition of New England Stoner and Doom Fest would be re-scheduled to 2021.[11]
  • Psycho Smokeout, originally intended for 18 April, would re-schedule to October.[12]
  • Psycho Las Vegas, which was originally intended for the middle of August, would be postponed to 2021.
  • Stoned and Dusted would cancel their 2020 edition intended for May and opt to re-schedule for 2021.
  • Monolith on The Mesa would opt to re-schedule for 25 - 27 September 2020 after the city of Taos, NM restricted all events until Labor Day.
  • Lake on Fire Festival would postpone to 2021 following the announcement that all events in Austria would be restricted until late August.[13]
  • Freak Valley Festival in Germany would be postponed to 2021 as announced on 21 April, due to Germany's heightened restrictions.
  • Red Smoke Festival would be canceled on 22 April 2020 due to the pandemic and heightened restrictions in Poland.[14]
  • Stoned From The Underground would be canceled in April 2020 following restrictions amid the growing pandemic. The 2020 edition was intended to be their 20th anniversary.
  • The Maryland Doom Fest would be forced to move their 2020 edition of the festival to October following ongoing concerns with the pandemic.
  • RippleFest would be forced to postpone several events (Including their tenth anniversary celebration) due to the pandemic.
  • Stonebaked Festival, an inaugural festival by Stonebaked Promotions, would be forced to cancel due to the pandemic.
  • Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia would attempt a comeback after being on hiatus since 2018 with a one-day event titled PZYK, but this would be postponed to May 2021.
  • Void Fest, whom typically hosted their festival outdoors in August, would cancel in April due to the pandemic. The festival aired uncertainty in regards to continuing.
  • Desertfest New York would cancel the 2020 edition of their festival on 10 June due to the ongoing pandemic, with plans to re-schedule to 2021.
  • Muddy Roots Music Festival intended to go on Labor Day Weekend as planned but with several acts dropping off and a major spike of cases in Tennessee, the event would be forced to postpone until 2021.

Tours Affected By The Pandemic[edit | edit source]

  • Om and Wovenhand notably toured North America in 2020, starting 21 February and intended to end in 21 March.[15] However following a performance in Grand Rapids, Michigan on 12 March Om would postpone the remaining dates to October 2020.[16] On 23 April Om would announce their 2020 European tour would be postponed to 2021.
  • Fu Manchu would postpone their Spring leg of their 30th Anniversary Tour, with their 30th Anniversary European tour postponed to 2021 in April.[17]
  • Yob were intended to tour the West Coast United States and Europe in April and May but would be forced to postpone.[18]
  • Monster Magnet would be able to successfully tour Europe in A Celebration of Powertrip but the US leg with Nebula would be postponed to January 2021.[19]
  • Along with their North American tour being postponed in support of Holy Shit, Nebula were forced to postpone their 2020 tour of Australia and New Zealand to 2021.[20]
  • Lord Dying would be forced to cancel part of their tour with Obituary and Black Label Society in March due to the pandemic.
  • Russian Circles were intended to tour Europe in further support of Blood Year alongside Torche but were forced to cancel in early March.[21]
  • Blackwater Holylight and All Them Witches were intended to tour North America in the Spring but would cancel due to the pandemic. Blackwater Holylight would manage to perform the majority of their headlining West Coast tour in March.
  • Stonecutters would tour through March as part of the March Radness tour but cancel the last two dates and move a date to a studio for a live webcast due to the CO-VID19.[22]
  • Blind Scryer intended a short tour surrounding SXSW but would entirely cancel.[23]
  • The Glasspack were intended to tour SXSW as part of their return tour but would be forced to cancel when SXSW canceled all across the board.
  • Rotting Kingdom intended to tour in April supporting their debut album A Deeper Shade of Sorrow but would cancel in late March.[24]
  • Acid Mothers Temple would be forced to cancel their entire North American and European tours for 2020. In response the band would release their entire discography on their YouTube page.
  • Desert Storm and The Grand Mal were intended to tour in May 2020 but would cancel due to the pandemic.
  • Redd Kross were intended to tour Europe in support of Beyond The Door but would re-schedule to September and October, later canceling.[25]
  • Bell Witch and Coffins were intended to tour the US in April 2020 but would cancel due to coronavirus concerns.
  • Truckfighters would be forced to cancel a few dates of their 2020 leg of Gravity X - From Finish To Start.[26]
  • Vile Creature would be forced to cancel several shows, including a collaborative set at Roadburn with Bismuth. Their North American tour with Elizabeth Colour Wheel would also be canceled.
  • Red Mesa would be forced to cancel their Path To The Deathless tour due to CO-VID19 concerns.[27]
  • Big Scenic Nowhere were intended to perform their debut shows at Stoned and Dusted and Monolith on The Mesa but instead opted to concentrate on writing and recording new material when both festivals would be postponed.
  • Fatso Jetson and Planet of Zeus were intended to tour in April but were forced to cancel because of the pandemic.
  • Candlemass would be forced to postpone several shows, along with a US tour all the way to 2021.
  • The Fizz Fuzz were intended to tour North America in June in support of Palmyra but ultimately announced their cancellation on 9 April.
  • Brant Bjork would cancel his entire European tour for 2020 along with all shows that year. His self-titled album would also be delayed twice due to the pandemic.
  • Ruby The Hatchet would cancel a short tour planned around Monolith on The Mesa.
  • Electric Citizen would also cancel several planned shows in the summer.
  • Bask and Elder would postpone a North American tour (Supporting III and Omens, respectively.) to November from an intended May tour.
  • King Buzzo would be forced to cancel several dates of an upcoming solo acoustic tour due to the pandemic. His solo album Gift of Sacrifice would also be delayed to an August release. His European tour would also be canceled, originally set for the Fall.
  • Acid Witch would be forced to cancel a Spring tour in light of the pandemic.
  • Uncle Acid and the deadbeats were intended to tour North America alongside Twin Temple but would be forced to cancel due to the pandemic.
  • Baroness were intended to tour North America alongside Against Me! but would cancel their tour in May due to the pandemic.
  • Wolfmother and The Sword (The latter reuniting.) were intended to support Primus on a North American tour in June and July but that would be postponed by Late April to a date yet to be determined.
  • John Garcia would cancel several summer dates due to the pandemic and related festivals cancelling.
  • King Buffalo would cancel all of their shows for 2020, opting to postpone to 2021 and focus on writing and recording new music.
  • Masters of Reality, Avon and Sourvein among others had tours planned for the spring and though not officially announced but would cancel with no formal announcement.

Labels Affected By The Pandemic[edit | edit source]

Notable Artists Whom Contracted CO-VID19[edit | edit source]

  • Stephen Gilliam (A'rk) contracted the virus and passed away on 17 April 2020.
  • Mikkey Dee (King Diamond, Motörhead, Scorpions) revealed that he had contracted CO-VID19 in March, but would recover by mid-April. He stated as such to clarify some errors that Don Dokken had made of the situation.[28]
  • John Gist (Vegas Rock Revolution) contracted the virus in the Summer of 2020 but would survive it.

Other Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Ozzy Osbourne would be forced to cancel a trip to Switzerland for medical treatment due to the pandemic. Osbourne had planned to tour in May supporting his twelfth solo album Ordinary Man but had canceled once it had been revealed that Osbourne had developed a form of Parkinson's Disease.[29]
  • Deep Purple had intended to release a new album entitled Whoosh! in June but would delay the release to August following the pandemic.[30]
  • Despite the growing pandemic Weedeater, The Atomic Bitchwax, The Goddamn Gallows and Worshipper managed to finish their March 2020 tour.[31]
  • The Gates of Slumber managed to go through their European reunion tour (Dubbed The Re-Awakening) in March with no known cancellations.[32]
  • A solo band known as COVID-19 would form as a solo project of Wishdoomdark frontman Alex Ezeptronein March 2020. The project released an EP entitled We All Die on 20 March followed with a second EP and a studio album.
  • An instrumental stoner/doom band known as Dozethrone released an EP entitled Coronavirus in March 2020.
  • Highlands Taproom, a Louisville based venue, would cancel many of their Metal Monday events in March and April, the last to date on 9 March featuring Stonecutters, Lich King and Toxic Ruin. On 10 July 2020 it would be announced that the venue's Metal Monday series would come to an end.
  • Several venues would be affected by the pandemic, with many cities completely shutting down non-essential work or even full lockdown protocols such as Italy and New York. Some venues would do alternative events such as streamed shows (Cosmic Charlie's) or even in some cases, host a quarantine interview series (Saint Vitus Bar).[33]
  • Lexington, Kentucky venue Cosmic Charlie's would close it's doors permanently on 31 May 2020 due to the pandemic.
  • Brooklyn, New York venue The Well would be forced to close it's doors permanently in May 2020.
  • Japan venue Club Goodman would close their doors in August 2020.
  • Austin, Texas venues Plush, Scratchouse and The Barracuda Club would all close by June 2020.[34]
  • Nashville, Tennessee venue The End would compose a Gofundme campaign to attain costs to keep the venue open.[35]
  • Maryland-based bar Ottobar would be forced to host a Gofundme to allocate losses due to the pandemic.
  • Mondo Generator would complete a tour of Europe in support of their latest albums Fuck It and Shooters Bible. Nick Oliveri would attain controversy for several Facebook posts in regards to the pandemic.
  • The Obelisk would begin an interview series entitled "Days of Rona", interviewing various musicians and their respective responses to the pandemic.
  • Parasol Caravan would release a song called "My Corona", spoofing "My Sharona" by The Knack.[36]
  • Big name booking sites such as Ticketmaster[37] and LiveNation[38] would alter their refund policies in lieu of cancellations and postponements, the latter attempting to make cuts on artists earnings.
  • Kentucky-based sludge/drone band Bastard Sons of a Judas Goat would actually perform live in front of an audience along with several other Kentucky metal bands as part of a cancer benefit in Shelbyville, Kentucky.[39]
  • On 7 September 2020 it would be announced that the DHS would increase work VISAs for European bands touring the United States by over 50%.[40][41]

Post-Pandemic News[edit | edit source]

  • My Sleeping Karma (Germany) would work on a new album during the pandemic and tour three dates in August 2020, including a date at Palp Festival in Switzerland.
  • Palp Festival, a festival hosted in Switzerland, would go as planned in August 2020.

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