The Albion Codex
The Albion Codex
Background information
Origin West Yorkshire, England
Genres Doom Metal, Progressive Metal, Folk, Folk Metal
Years active 2012 - 2013
Labels Horns Ablaze Records
Associated acts Iron Void, Earthen Ritual, Dychosis, Lobotomist
Website Facebook

The Albion Codex was a short-lived progressive doom band from West Yorkshire. Active for a little over a year and releasing a single album, The Albion Codex composed a mix of doom metal, progressive rock and folk, getting comparisons to The Atlantean Codex, Opeth and Porcupine Tree. Lyrically the band drew themes from folklore, paganism, nature and the writings of Robert E. Howard.


The Albion Codex was formed in August 2012, following Paul Wale and Tom Hey's departure from Iron Void, working alongside Mick Jones and Lee Whitaker. The quartet would compose five songs through the winter, eventually finishing the album by the spring of the next year.

The Albion Codex would play live for the first time alongside Arkham Witch on 31 May 2013 at The Snooty Fox in Wakefield.[1] Notably this would also be the release party for their debut album Summon The Ancients. The band performed only a handful of shows thereafter including a show in Leeds on 6 July,[2] Clarence Festival on 27 July,[3] The Pagan Pride Festival in Nottingham on 4 August[4] and lastly a show on 10 August at The Snooty Fox with Alunah.[5] Work would begin on a second record on 27 August[6] but ultimately The Albion Codex would be split up by that November.[7]


  • Summon The Ancients (2013, Horns Ablaze)


  • Lee Whitaker - Bass, Vocals
  • Mick Jones - Guitars, Guitar Synthesizer
  • Paul Wale - Guitars, Vocals
  • Tom "Dexta" Hey - Drums, Vocals


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