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Background information
Genre(s) Psychedelic Rock, Experimental
Date(s) Various
Location Various
Venue(s) Various
Years active 1997 - 2008
Promoter(s) Terrascope Online
Associated Events The Amazing ZigZag Concert
Website TerraScope

Terrastock was a festival curated by Phil McMullen, a former editor of the Ptolemaic Terrascope and since 2005 the publisher of the Terrascope Online website. The event, set in different locations with each festival, typically features independent bands playing psychedelic rock.


The first Terrastock event was initially conceived by Phil McMullen and Robert Jaz of the Providence, Rhode Island based band V. Majestic in the winter of 1996/1997. Robert Jaz had asked McMullen about holding a benefit concert in Providence, RI for the Ptolemaic Terrascope Zine. As the two formulated a plan for the benefit which quickly grew into more of a festival idea, McMullen suggested the name Terrastock and the two agreed. A wishlist lineup was conceived and sometime later th festival was then fully organized by McMullen and Jaz along with Mark Stone of the Providence-based band Medicine Ball. Alongside the organizers as well for the initial editon were the Newport, RI based record label Flydaddy, which was run by former Sub Pop employees, Kevin O'Leary and Adam Silverman. Flydaddy had previously released a Ptolemaic Terrascope benefit compilation called 'Succor.'

An arrangement was made with a friend of Robert Jaz's, the poster artist, James Draper, who was also the operator of an art gallery/speakeasy performance space called The Renegade Gallery/The Rogue Lounge which was located in Providence within an industrial space in the old Atlantic Mills.

Notably, Bardo Pond and the band Windy & Carl performed at all seven incarnations of the festival.

In November 2010 McMullen "unashamedly" admitted that the Terrastock festivals "were directly influenced and inspired by the now legendary Zig Zag Benefit Concert".[1]



Terrastock took place the weekend of April 25-27, 1997 at the Rogue Lounge in Providence, Rhode Island. This three day festival was conceived in the spirit of peace, love and understanding (so to speak), and as a fund raising measure for the long-running and consistently excellent PTOLEMAIC TERRASCOPE Magazine. Witch Hazel were intended to play on the 25th but no-showed.

There was additional music throughout the weekend in a smaller room (the Rogue Lounge itself) performed by Tom Rapp, Windy & Carl, Barbara Manning, and others.[2]

The Rogue Lounge
April 25 April 26 April 27
Cul De Sac Bevis Frond Magic Hour
Deviants Medicine Ball Richard Davies
Thee Hydrogen Terrors Flying Saucer Attack Hovercraft
Windy & Carl Tadpoles V. Majestic
Abunai! Mary Lou Lord Lhasa Cement Plant
Silver Apples Supreme Dicks Hlikka
Neutral Milk Hotel Bardo Pond
Orans Papa Fritas
Primordial Undermind The Alchemysts
The Lothars Major Stars
The Azusa Plane The Olivia Tremor Control
Science Kit Alva
Barbara Manning Damon & Naomi


Terrastock II took place the weekend of April 17-19 of 1998, at the Custer Avenue Stages, 1598 Custer Ave., at Rankin. Custer Ave is in India Basin between Army and Evans, two blocks west of Third, in San Francisco USA. It was billed as "Terrastock West" and had association with Aquarius Records and Danno Booking.[3]

April 17
Stage One Stage Two
Bevis Frond Medicine Ball
Alastair Galbraith Mick Farren & The Deviants
Mountain Goats Major Stars
Kendra Smith Grimble Grumble
Ray Montgoomery The Azusa Plane
50 Foot Hose Brother JT (Solo Set)
April 18
Stage One Stage Two
The Olivia Tremor Control Stone Breath
Neutral Milk Hotel Tom Rapp
Masaki Batoh & Michiro Kurihara of Ghost Young Fresh Fellows
Damon & Naomi V Majestic
Windy & Carl
April 19
Stage One Stage Two
Brother Jt & Vibrolux Clockbrains
Mudhoney The Lothars
Bardo Pond SubArachnoid Stage
Cul De Sac Alchemysts
Pelt Spaceheads
Silver Apples Loren Connors
Green Pajamas Primordial Undermind
The Loud Family
Elf Power


Terrastock III (AKA TERRASTOCK UK, the London Ptolemaic Perambulation.) took place the weekend of August 27th, 28th and 29th 1999 at the ULU (the University of London) in London, England. It was the first (and only) Terrastock to be held in the UK, where the curators of the festival originated.

Notably, there was also a third stage area where performers could sign up for and do their own spontaneous sets or weird collaborations, purely on the concept on disorganization and spontaneity. Performers on this stage included Pat Orchard, Warser Gate w/ Steve Hanson (doing "Can of Stella Overdrive"), Staff Party (with members of Fuxa, Azusa Plane, Azalia Snail, Piano Magic, Warser Gate, and a guest spot from John the stage manager), Petrocat (Nick and Debbie Saloman), Autumn Leaves, Jamie Owen, Brendan (of Abunai) and Carl (of Windy), Lothars and Carl, Bevis Frond and Friends (Saloman, Shaw, various Alchemysts and ROD GOODWAY), and Tom Rapp with Prydwyn.[4]

August 27th
Main Stage Second Stage
Bardo Pond Spaceheads
Man The Azusa Plane
Green Pajamas Pat Orchard
Lucky Bishops Air Traffic Controllers
Windy & Carl
Freed Unit
August 28
Main Stage Second Stage
The Bevis Frond The Lothars
Alchemysts + Simeon Kirk Lake
Damon & Naomi Pop Off Tuesday
Tom Rapp Bablicon
Spacious Mind Mac Macleod
Warner Gate
August 29
Main Stage Second Stage
Abunai! Piano Magic
Hood Arco
Broken Dog Autumn Leaves
My Drug Hell Green Ray
White Hotel


The fourth Terrastock festival of arts and music took place over the weekend of November 3rd - 5th, 2000. The venue chosen was the historic Showbox, located in downtown Seattle, Washington, USA. Like all past Terrastocks, this event was open to ALL AGES. This was the last year the Terrastock festival would be held in consecutive years.[5]

November 3rd
Main Stage Second Stage
Ghost Abunai!
Damon & Naomi Tarentel
Charalambides Windy & Carl
Wellwater Conspiracy The Lothars
The Monkeywrench Ethereal Counterbalance
Voyager One
November 4th
Main Stage Second Stage
Moe Tucker Doug Yule
The Green Pajamas Amber Asylum
The Linus Pauling Quartet Pat Orchard
SubArachnoid Space Martyn Bates
Crome Syrcus Major Stars
The Minus Five
November 5th
Main Stage Second Stage
The Bevis Frond The Alchemysts
Country Joe McDonald & The Frond Fish Children of The Rainbow
Bardo Pond Kinski
Six Organs of Admittance Donovan's Brain
Delicate AWOL Stone Breath


The fifth Terrastock festival of arts and music takes place this year over the weekend of October 11-13, 2002. It was held at Axis in Boston, Massachusetts.[6]

Notably, Time-Lag Records released a very special five 7inch set in conjunction with TERRASTOCK 5. The set will feature one full 7" each by The Idiatrod, Stone Breath, Charalambides, Bardo Pond, and Sonic Youth. Each 7" will come in its own letterpressed uni-pak style gatefold sleeve. For those who bought the full set, there was a die-cut wrap-around box to hold them all. It was entirely exclusive tracks and limited to 500 copies.

October 11
Main Stage Second Stage
Ghost Windy & Carl
Major Stars Charalambides
The Iditarod The Essex Green
Stone Breath The Hopewell
Pat Orchard ST37
October 12
Main Stage Second Stage
Tom Rapp Surface of Eceon
Damon & Naomi Landing
Motorpsycho Six Organs of Admittance
Dipsomaniacs The Lucky Bishops
Paik Ethereal Counterbalance
Greg Weeks
October 13
Main Stage Second Stage
Acid Mothers Temple [ubArachnoid Space
The Spacious Mind Kinski
Bardo Pond Lockgroove
The Bevis Frond Delicate AWOL
Sonic Youth The Lothars
The Sunshine Fix Barbara Manning & the Go-Luckys!
Lilys The Alchemysts
The Hushdrops The Alchemysts


Terrastock 6 took place at The Pell Chafee Performance Center in Providence, Rhode Island on April 21st, 22nd and 23rd, 2006. It ended up being the first time Terrasrock returned to a city and the only time to do so.[7]

Notably, a pre-show party was held on April 20th, 2006 at AS220 in Providence, Rhode Island.

April 20
Main Stage
Acid Mothers Temple
Abunai! (Reunion set)
Joe Turner + the Seven Levels
Area C
April 21
Stage One Stage Two
Bardo Pond Shannon Krauss
Major Stars PG Six
Kinski Urdog
The Green Pajamas St. Joan
April 22
Stage One Stage Two
The Spacious Mind Kemialliset Ystävät
Damon & Naomi Windy & Carl
Fursaxa Glenn Jones
Avarus Brothers of The Occult Sisterhood
Tom Rapp The Magic Carpathians Project
Thought Forms Landing
MV & EE with The Bummer Road
April 23
Stage One Stage Two
Ghost Jack Rose
Lightning Bolt Marissa Nadler
Bridget St. John Paik
Spires That in the Sunset Rise Larkin Grimm
Charalambides Black Forest/Black Sea
Salamander The Kitchen Cynics


Terrastock 7 ended up being the final edition of the festival. [8] Terrastock 7 took place at the Melwood Arts Center in Louisville, Kentucky on June 19th - 22nd, 2008.

Notably, the festival was spoofed by Louisville bands under the name "TerrorStock" in September of that year.[9]

June 19th
Main Stage
Hush Arbors
Dead Maids
Elephant Micah
The Photographic
June 20th
Indoor Stage Outdoor Stage
Helena Epsvall & Masaki Batoh Major Stars
Damon & Naomi Plastic Crimewave Sound
Linus Pauling Quartet Sleeping Pill
Tanakh Antietam
Black Forest/Black Sea Friday Sharon Krauss
Ignatz United Bible Studies
June 21
Indoor Stage Outdoor Stage
Kouhoutek Mono
Sapat Motorpsycho
Grails Bardo Pond
MV+EE with the Golden Road Kinski
Tara Jane O'Neil Wooden Shjips
June 22
Indoor Stage Outdoor Stage
Makoto Kawabata Paik
Windy and Carl The Entrance Band
Jack Rose and the Black Twig Pickers Simply Saucer
Pelt Thee American Revolution
Insect Factory Rob Sharples
Team Brick

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