Background information
Origin Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Genres Doom Metal, Drone Doom
Years active 2012 - ?
Associated acts Ice Dragon
Website Tentacle Official

Tentacle is/was a side-project featuring members of Ice Dragon and hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Forming in 2012 amidst that band's most prolific time, Tentacle's sound is more deviated into drone and doom metal with underlying psychedelic elements. Notably all of the members go by tentacle-themed pseudonyms. Quickly upon forming the band released an EP known as Void Abyss on 1 April 2012, following with a studio album in Ingot Eye on 10 February 2013.

In similar fashion to Ice Dragon it is largely a studio-based project. The band has never performed live and their current status is unknown.

Discography[edit | edit source]

  • Void Abyss (EP) (2012, Self-Released)
  • Ingot Eye (Studio Album) (2013, Self-Released)

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Tentaclor - Bass, Vocals
  • Tentaclus - Drums, Vocals
  • Tentaclex - Guitar, Vocals

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