Teni Drevnikh Kultov
Studio album by Il
Released June 5, 2015
Genre Sludge Metal, Doom Metal, Noise Rock
Length 46:45
Label Otvar
Il chronology
Chornaya Top
Teni Drevnikh Kultov

Teni Drevnikh Kultov (Тени древних культов; "Shadows of Ancient Cults") is the third studio album by the Russian experimental sludge doom metal band Il. It was released on CDr format by Otvar on June 5, 2015 and was limited to 100 copies. It was reissued on cassette format by Belarusian record label Decadence Within Records on November 12, 2018 and was limited to only 50 copies.

The album's opening track "Kostry" was re-recorded for their next album Nechist.

Musical Style Edit

Teni Drevnikh Kultov continues the noisy sludge and doom metal sound previously explored on the band's previous album, Chornaya Top. However, it features shorter songs than those on previous albums and is therfore less noisy than before.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "Kostry" (Костры; "Bonfires") 9:02
2. "Zelye" (Зелье; "A Potion") 4:01
3. "Videniya" (Видения; "Visions") 5:40
4. "Živica" (Живица; "Chest") 5:32
5. "Teni Drevnikh Kultov" (Тени древних культов; "Shadows of Ancient Cults") 7:08
6. "Zmeebog" (Змеебог; "God Snake") 6:16
7. "Shopot Vremeni" (Шёпот времени; "Time to Whisper") 9:06
Total length:

Personel Edit


  • Nikolay Timofeev - Bass
  • Sergey Vinogradov - Drums
  • Sergey Vinogradov - Guitar
  • Vlad Stepanenko - Guitar

Production Staff

  • Andrey Alexandrovich - Mixing
  • Yag Mort - Design

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