Temples Festival
Poster for the inaugural edition.
Background information
Date(s) May, June
Location Bristol, England
Venue(s) Motion
Years active 2014 - 2016
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Temples Festival was a festival hosted in Bristol, England showcasing a multitude of different genres. Curated by one Francis Mace, this festival started in 2014 with a follow-up in 2015. The festival was fully set for 2016 but ultimately cancelled within days of the event.



The first edition of Temples Festival was held at Motion in Bristol between May 2 and May 4, 2016. Notably in regards to Electric Wizard this would be Mark Greening's final performance with the band.

May 2Edit

Main Stage Second Stage
Electric Wizard Gehenna
Brutal Truth Anaal Nathrakh
Blood Ceremony Desecration
Jucifer Winterfylleth
Moss Wodensthrone
Satan's Satyrs Code
Witchsorrow Flayed Disciple
Spider Kitten

May 3Edit

Main Stage Second Stage
Neurosis DOOM
Amenra Wolfbrigade
Tombs Vitamin X
A Storm of Light Unkind
Conan Mob Rules
Bossk True Valiance
Sonance Svalbard

May 4Edit

Main Stage Second Stage
Clutch Repulsion
Doomriders Dragged Into Sunlight
SSS The Secret
Gonga Oathbreaker
Hark Beastmilk
Herder War Wolf
Black Moth Human Cull


The second edition of Temples Festival was held between May 29 and May 31, 2015 at Motion in Bristol. This time the festival would be expanded to three stages.

May 29Edit

Main Stage Second Stage Third Stage
Converge Pig Destroyer Bongzilla
Nails Today Is The Day Weedeater
Will Haven Magrudergrind Slabdragger
Trap Them Leng T'che Meth Drinker
Young And In The Way Enabler Weak
Martyrdod The Afternoon Gentleman Sea Bastard
Harm's Way Oblivionized Monolithian

May 30Edit

Main Stage Second Stage Third Stage
Sunn O))) Triptykon Skitsystem
Pig Destroyer Portal Obliterations
Goatsnake Bolzer Grieved
Torche Mantar Svalbard
Sonance Grave Miasma Halshug
Celeste Impetuous Ritual Olanza
Caina Grand Collapse

May 31Edit

Main Stage Second Stage Third Stage
Earth Betwenn The Buried and Me Voivod
Pallbearer Ken Mode Goatwhore
Year of No Light Krokodil Vallenfyre
Monarch Swan Song Tribulation
Ghold Venom Prison The King Is Blind


NOTE: The festival was entirely canceled less than a week before it was intended to happen. The lineup listed below would have been the intended full lineup.[1]

June 2Edit

Temples Thursday Sermon
Venomous Concept

June 3Edit

Main Stage Second Stage Third Stage
Mayhem (Performing De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas) Revenge Sheer Terror
Urfaust Pissgrave Chaos UK
Mgła Vorum Disterror
Esoteric Degial Fuk
The Ruins of Beverast Shoal The Flex
Funeral Throne

June 4Edit

Main Stage Second Stage Third Stage
Melvins Dragged Into Sunlight Weekend Nachos
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Primitive Man All Pigs Must Die
Bongripper Dead Congregation ACXDC
Groundhogs Gnaw Their Tongues Victims
Arabrot Voices Meek Is Murder
Ohhms Employed To Serve Slowly We Rot
Big Naturals Boak

June 5Edit

Main Stage Second Stage Third Stage
Carcass Jucifer Vision of Disorder
Grave Mare Arkangel
Iron Reagan Sonance Death Rite
Corrupt Moral Altar Gentlemans Pistols Geist
Venom Prison Tombstones Winds of Genocide
Implore Undersmile


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