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|band              = Sleep
|image             = [[File:Sleep.jpg|250px]]
|caption           = Al Cisneros, Matt Pike, Jason Roeder

|origin            = San Jose, California, USA
|genres            = [[Doom]]
|years active      = 1990–1998, 2009–present
|labels            = [[London]], [[Very Small]], [[Earache]], [[Southern Lord]], [[Tee Pee]], [[The Music Cartel]]
|associated acts   = [[Om]], [[High on Fire]], [[Neurosis]], [[Shrinebuilder]], [[Asbestosdeath]], [[The Sabians]], [[Kalas]], [[Electric Wizard]]
|website           = []
|current members   = [[Al Cisneros]], [[Matt Pike]], [[Jason Roeder]]
|past members      = [[Chris Hakius]], [[Justin Marler]]
|band logo = [[File:Sleep Logo.png|250px]]

Al Cisneros, Matt Pike, Jason Roeder
Background information
Origin San Jose, California, USA
Genres Doom
Years active 1990–1998, 2009–present
Labels London, Very Small, Earache, Southern Lord, Tee Pee, The Music Cartel
Associated acts Om, High on Fire, Neurosis, Shrinebuilder, Asbestosdeath, The Sabians, Kalas, Electric Wizard
Current members Al Cisneros, Matt Pike, Jason Roeder
Past members Chris Hakius, Justin Marler
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Sleep Logo
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