Background information
Origin New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Genres Doom Metal, Stoner Metal
Years active 1996 - Present
Labels Man's Ruin Records, Small Stone Records, Nocturnal Records, Emetic
Associated acts Pitts Vs. Preps, Eyehategod
Website Official Page
Current members Danny Nick
Andrew Preen
Durel Yates

Suplecs are a NOLA-based stoner metal band, active since 1996. Their name being played on a classic pro wrestling maneuver this band has released four studio albums of heavy/stoner rock with themes based in life, drugs, women and wrestling. They have served as one of the longest lasting stoner rock bands in the NOLA scene.


Suplecs formed in 1996 by the trio of Durel Yates, Danny Nick and Andrew Preen. With shows happening in New Orleans the band would compose and release a self-titled EP independently. Catching the ear of Frank Kozik he would sign them to Man's Ruin Records records roughly around 1999 or 2000. Suplecs would release their debut album Wrestlin' With My Lady Friend in 2000 with Jimmy Bower and Keith Falgout as the album's producers. The band would quickly follow up with their sophomore effort Sad Songs... Better Days. Produced by Mike Portman (Ugly Kid Joe), the album was released released on 19 June 2001 mere months before the closure of Man's Ruin. Sad Songs... Better Days would quickly see a CD reissue the next year on This Dark Reign with different album art. The band would cover Rush's "Working Man" for the iconic Sucking The 70s compilation on Small Stone Records.

From there the band would sporadically tour and mainly perform live in New Orleans while writing for a third album. Signing with Nocturnal Records with Pepper Keenan as producer, Suplecs would release Powtin' On The Outside Pawty On The Inside in 2005 and touring in support of the record with The Autumn Offering and GWAR.[1] Hurricane Katrina would happen between 23 August and 31 August 2005, directly affecting the band among others in the NOLA scene. The band would play their first show following the disaster on 26 November 2005 at One Eyed Jacks.[2]

From there the band would still remain active performing in Louisiana and occasionally Texas. In 2010 they would "return to their punk rock roots" and begin work on a fourth studio album. Mad Oak Redoux saw release in January 2011, following with the band touring extensively in support of the record with the likes of Clutch and Lo-Pan.[3] Suplecs are still actively performing as of 2017.


Studio AlbumsEdit

Misc. ReleasesEdit

  • Suplecs (EP) (1998, Independent)
  • 4 Songs (EP) (2002, Independent)


  • Danny Nick - Bass, Vocals (1996 - Present)
  • Durel Yates - Guitars, Vocals (1996 - Present)
  • Andrew Preen - Drums, Percussion (1996 - Present)

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