Studio album by Monster Magnet
Released April 6 1993
Recorded October 1992 at The Magic Shop in New York, New York, USA
Genre Stoner Rock, Space Rock, Stoner Metal
Length 53:43
Producer Dave Wyndorf
Monster Magnet chronology
Spine of God
Dopes To Infinity

Superjudge is the second full length album by the New Jersey rock band Monster Magnet. Released on 6 April 1993 it is notably the first studio album on major label A&M Records and the first album to feature guitarist Ed Mundell, whom replaced founding member John McBain in 1992.


Following a cycle of touring in support of Monster Magnet's debut album Spine of God in 1992 the band would be quick at work on a follow-up. Having signed to major label A&M Records for this second album, Superjudge was recorded and mixed by Steve Rosenthal at New York's "The Magic Shop" studio circa October 1992. All original material was composed by Dave Wyndorf with exception to two covers. "Evil" was performed by Willie Dixon and based on Cactus' arrangement from the 1971 album Restrictions. The other cover was that of "Brainstorm" by Hawkwind from their 1972 album Doremi Fasol Latido.

Prior to the album's release the album had several singles to promote it. The first would be of "Evil" via Glitterhouse Records (The last Monster Magnet release on the label) in late 1992,[1] followed by singles for "Face Down",[2] "Cage Around The Sun",[3] "Twin Earth"[4] and "Cyclops Revolution".[5] Music videos were also made for "Face Down" and "Twin Earth". Despite attaining positive critical reception at the time from the likes of Entertainment Weekly (B+)[6] and Riff Raff (B)[7] the album was not a commercial success. Notably the song "Twin Earth" did peak at 67 on the UK charts on 29 May 1993.[8]

Retroactively Superjudge has been highly praised by the likes of The Obelisk[9] and Metal Injection[10] while also having been cited as an influential album to the genre of stoner rock.[11] Superjudge saw several CD and LP reissues over the years but in 2016 saw a special edition via Universal Music and Spinefarm Records, featuring a full re-master, liner notes and bonus tracks of the b-side "Unsolid" and several live songs that appeared on singles.[12]


Monster Magnet - Twin Earth (HQ)

Monster Magnet - Twin Earth (HQ)

Monster Magnet - Face Down

Monster Magnet - Face Down

All songs written by Dave Wyndorf except where noted.
Tracks 12 - 14 only appear on the import edition.

  • 1. Cyclops Revolution (5:43)
  • 2. Twin Earth (3:55)
  • 3. Superjudge (6:49)
  • 4. Cage Around The Sun (4:55)
  • 5. Elephant Bell (3:59)
  • 6. Dinosaur Vacume (6:02)
  • 7. Evil (Willie Dixon) (3:14)
  • 8. Stadium (3:41)
  • 9. Face Down (4:11)
  • 10. Brainstorm (Nik Turner) (8:04)
  • 11. Black Balloon (3:05)
  • 12. Nod Scene (Live) (6:26)
  • 13. Snake Dance (Live) (3:33)
  • 14. Medicine (Live) (4:24)


  • Dave Wyndorf - Guitar, Vocals, Producer
  • Ed Mundell - Lead Guitar
  • Joe Calandra - Bass
  • Jon Kleiman - Drums
  • Tim Cronin - Mountain of Judgement
  • Steve Rosenthal - Engineer, Mixing
  • Bogdan Hernik - Assistant Engineer
  • Edward Douglas - Assistant Engineer
  • Joe Warda - Assistant Engineer
  • Bernie Grundman - Mastering
  • Matt Wells - Technical Support
  • Olga Gerrard - Management
  • Robert Urband - Management
  • Larry Hamby - A&R
  • Rob Leecock - Bull God Paintings
  • Rich Frankel - Art Direction
  • Walberg Design - Design
  • Michael Lavine - Photography
  • Nat Priest - Crew
  • Emily Kaye - Crew

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