Album cover for Supercoven, drawn by Tom Bagshaw.
Extended play by Electric Wizard
Released 1998
Recorded February 13 - 15, 1998 at Knighton Heath College in Bournemouth, England
Genre Stoner Metal, Doom Metal, Psychedelic Rock
Length 31:51 (Bad Acid)
50:46 (Southern Lord)
Producer Jus Oborn, Rolf Startin, Jamie King
Electric Wizard chronology

Supercoven is the second EP by doom metal band Electric Wizard. Released initially in 1998 and later by Southern Lord records in 1999, it would serve to be one of Electric Wizard's seminal releases with the title track still being in set lists to this day. Notably, "Burnout" is the longest Electric Wizard song at 18:40.


Following the recording and success of Come My Fanatics..., Electric Wizard would record two songs at Knighton in between touring in February 1998. Later in that year, Supercoven would be initially released via Bad Acid Records, a short-lived label dealing in doom and stoner metal. The initial pressing of Supercoven was an unknown amount of mini CDs and 1000 LP copies, the latter with a purple insert and a copy of Bad Acid zine #1. Supercoven's CD and LP editions would be the first and second releases for the label, listed as Trip1 and Trip2. Supercoven to date has never been re-pressed on vinyl and garners a heavy value on the secondary market.

To give listeners outside of Europe a chance to own the EP, Southern Lord published Supercoven on CD in 1999 (With a re-press in 2000.) as the fourth release on the label. Along with the two songs, two bonus tracks were featured: A song from the "1971 Demo" recorded in 1994 entitled "Wizards of Gore" and a live version of "Electric Wizard" recorded in August 1996 in Holland.

Notably, an early version of "Supercoven" was released on Rise 13 - Magick Rock Vol. 1 in 1999 entitled "Witchcoven (Live California Jam '74)". This song originates from the same Live '71 Demo.

The sample on "Wizards of Gore" is from the 1976 film Blood Sucking Freaks by Joel M. Reed, but the song is based on the 1970 film The Wizard of Gore by Herschell Gordon Lewis. The Sample on "Burnout" is from the 1974 film " The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue" by George Grau.


NOTE: Tracks 3 and 4 were only available on the Southern Lord reissue.

  • 1. Supercoven - 13:13
  • 2. Burnout - 18:40
  • 3. Wizards of Gore - 9:02
  • 4. Electric Wizard (Live) - 9:53


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