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Suffering the Storm
Studio album by Potmos Hetoimos
Released June 1, 2007
Recorded 2007
Genre Doom metal
Progressive metal
Length 73:31
Label independent
Potmos Hetoimos chronology
The Millstone
Suffering the Storm
Dance with Divinity

Suffering the Storm is the third album by the American one-man band Potmos Hetoimos, released on June 1, 2007. Unlike the first two PH albums, there is no guitar anywhere on the album. Each song was written and performed entirely on bass. According to frontman Matt Matheson, "this allowed a totally unprecedented heaviness, and even added a little clarity to the production (as two downtuned guitars plus one downtuned bass can get quite muddy)."


The album was recorded between sometime in early 2007 ("Into the Eye" and "Sky and Sea") and sometime in mid-2007 ("Flight of the Dove"), and then finally finished with the recording of "Flight of the Raven" in early 2008.

Track listing[]

No. Title Length
1. "Into the Eye"   8:29
2. "The Shadow Cast"   9:52
3. "Stench of the Beasts"   5:55
4. "Nephilim Drowning"   11:09
5. "Sky and Sea"   10:28
6. "Flight of the Raven"   5:03
7. "Flight of the Dove"   22:35
Total length:


Potmos Hetoimos

Session member

  • Carole – piano on "Flight of the Raven"