Stoner Kebab
Stoner kebab
Background information
Origin Prato, Tuscany, Italy
Genres Stoner Metal, Doom Metal, Progressive
Years active 2004 - Present
Labels Dufresne Attack, Cynic Lab, Santa Valvola
Website Stoner Kebab Facebook
Current members Claudio Merlo, Alberto Frullani, Alberto Roba, Sergio Roba

Stoner Kebab (Often stylized as Stöner Kebab) are a heavy Italian quartet, from Tuscany. Self-described as "Psychedelic progressive stoner doom", this band formed in 2004 and has released five LPs in a career spanning over fifteen years. The band harbors an ambiguous, mysterious nature and is named after Döner kebap, a Turkish dish made of meat cooked on a vertical spit.


Stoner Kebab formed sometime in 2004 though little is known of the band's early years except three of the four members were previously in the brutal grind band Gulu Locus. What is known is the band quickly composed two albums in their formation. The first album of the two would be Chapter Zero, released 21 April 2005 to positive reviews. What would follow would be Imber Bulgi, (Released 15 May 2007) a single song spanning 33:33 and featuring several guests such as Sauro Ravelli, Zven Doretti (Ghost Empire), Mr. T (Cosmotron) and David DuFresne. The band played mostly in Italy around this time but also branched out to other countries such as Austria and Slovenia.

After some time of quiet and working with a new label Stoner Kebab would release a third album in SuperDoom in 2011 on vinyl. Following occasional shows and festival appearances the band would follow up with Simon on 6 June 2013 to positive reception. The biography of the band in regards to the album, translated from Italian, hints at the band's cryptic nature: "We are the ones who played SIMON but not the same ones who conceived it. We are not the ones who wrote SUPERDOOM, nor the ones who played it, in fact, they are the ones who composed SIMON; even those who wrote SUPERDOOM did not play it: in fact, they recorded IMBER VULGIi but did not create it. Those who wrote IMBER VULGI are the usual ones who played Chapter Zero but who did not compose it... because those who wrote Chapter Zero... are Great!"

A fifth album would be composed and released on 13 April 2019 in Everything Turns To White. Stoner Kebab remain active in the Italian scene.


  • Chapter Zero (2006, Dufresne Attack)
  • Imber Vulgi (2007, Dufresne Attack)
  • SuperDoom (2011, Cynic Lab)
  • Simon (2013, Santa Valvola)
  • Everything Turns To White (2019, Self-Released)


  • Claudio Merlo
  • Alberto Frullani
  • Alberto Roba
  • Sergio Roba

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