Stoner Hive
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Background information
Web Address Stoner Hive Official
Creator Joop Konraad
Launch Date December 11 2009
Current Status Active

Stoner Hive (Also stylized as Stoner HiVe) is a blog created by Dutch reviewer Joop Konraad circa 2009. The blogs first post would be on 11 December 2009 with a top 20 list of the best albums of the year right after.[1] The site often composes reviews of stoner and doom music, along with news, interviews, general thoughts and posts on Doom Charts. While Konraad is the lead contributor the site has had other contributors over the years.

The site also hosts a Top 20 album of the year picks, often voted by viewers of the blog though since 2013[2] the site would offer a personal top 20 along with the fan vote, though seemingly not in order.[3]

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