Stonebaked Promotions
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Established 2015
Genre(s) Stoner Rock, Doom, Sludge, Heavy Metal, Psychedelic Rock
Country England
Hometown Manchester
Owners Paul "Chunk" Watling & Charlotte Ovington
Website Stonebaked Promotions on Facebook

Stonebaked Promotions are a gig promotions company founded in 2015 and based in England. They promote gigs and events predominantly centred around, though not limited to, Stoner Rock, Doom, Sludge, Psychedelic Rock and Heavy Metal.


Stonebaked Promotions are gig promoters based in Manchester, but operating throughout northern England. They were founded by Paul "Chunk" Watling and Charlotte Ovington in August 2015. On February 6th 2016 they put on their first gig, a co-promote with NOIZ Promotions at The Bread Shed, Manchester, featuring Desert Storm, King Goat, 1968 and Mastiff[1] On 24th September 2016, Stonebaked took the reigns of Somatic Festival, held at The Snooty Fox, Wakefield after the original promoter disappeared.[2] Originally being promoted by a figure under what transpired to be the fake identity of "James Carter", who disappeared, leaving the event and its takings in jeopardy. Stonebaked managed to have the ticketing transferred to them and saved the event[2] , which eventually sold out and took place between 25th and 27th November.[3]

In 2017, Stonebaked were involved in promoting the Manchester heats of Metal 2 the Masses; the annual band competition which see the winner take a place at that year's Bloodstock Festival. On February 3rd 2018, Stonebaked were involved in the first annual APF Records Showcase at The Bread Shed, Manchester.[4] The event played host to every band then signed to APF Records.[4] A second and third showcase have since been announced for 2019 and 2020 respectively, with Stonebaked Promotions, again, taking part in both.[5][6]

Stonebaked Festival 2020 Poster

The provisional poster for Stonebaked Festival 2020

After Green Lung were dropped from 2019's HRH Doom Vs Stoner event, Stonebaked decided to book them and Gandalf the Green for a fringe event.[7] The event, which was free to enter and supported with donations, took place late on Sunday 29th September after the festival had finished at The Mulberry in Sheffield.[7] At the end of 2019, Stonebaked once again became involved in the Metal 2 the Masses competition, promoting the Manchester heats and final for the 2020 edition. On 6th and 7th June 2020, Stonebaked will hold Stonebaked Festival at Temple of Boom, Leeds. The event will feature 60 bands, on three stages over two days and is headlined by Boss Keloid and Elephant Tree.[8]

Stonebaked Promotions has also put on countless other events and continues to operate to this day.

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