Stone Grooves & Deep Cuts
Stone Grooves and Deep Cuts
Background information
Web Address Stone Grooves & Deep Cuts
Creator Randy Michaud aka Trog
Launch Date 2014
Current Status Active

Stone Grooves & Deep Cuts is a weekly internet radio show on BiC (Bikers Inner Circle) Radio though some episodes have been hosted on LKCB, Core of Destruction Radio and several other programs. The show is an extension of the Stone Groove Records label and focuses on the genres of doom/stoner, heavy/proto rock, classic metal & ambient/experimental along with regular airplay of Stone Groove Records' artists. Along with various showcases the radio show has hosted several tribute specials to individual artists. This channel features uploads of the weekly shows for those unable to tune in for the scheduled broadcasts.

The earliest known episode was hosted on 16 July 2014[1][2]

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  1. The Cave
  2. Mixcloud
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