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Stone Groove Records
Stone Groove Records.jpg
Record label information
Founded 1995
Genre(s) Stoner Metal, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Rock, Punk Rock, Ambient, Experimental, Electronic, Power Pop
Country of Origin United States
Based in Phoenix, Arizona
Website Stone Groove Records Official

Stone Groove Records are a label based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Forming initially in 1995 and growing to sign several acts by the 2010s, Stone Groove specializes in doom metal, stoner metal, heavy rock, classic metal, punk rock, ambient, experimental and much more. Along with new releases the label also has composed re-issues for several underground acts.

Their music is typically released on CD or digital though some albums have seen vinyl issues. The label also provides collaborative promotional opportunities for artists through graphic & merchandise development, worldwide digital & physical distribution and weekly airplay via their internet radio program Stone Grooves & Deep Cuts.

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