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Background information
Developer Tom Geddes
Soundtrack Various
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Release Date Unconfirmed
Genre Role Playing Game
Modes Single Player

StoneRPG is an upcoming retro styled RPG video game based around the premise of Stoner Rock, Doom, Sludge and Psychedelic Rock. The game currently does not have a release date but will be free to play upon its release.



StoneRPG is an RPG being developed by Tom Geddes, who also initially launched Riffipedia. The game was initially conceived of in September of 2015. The game is set to be a fully fledged RPG video game based on themes drawn from the stoner rock scene, available to play on PC and laptop. Locations, items, characters, enemies, weapons, dialogue and the overall storyline will include many references to the lyrics, bands and culture from the stoner rock scene. Real musicians will appear as characters in the game, though their characterisation will differ to their real world persona so as to fit the plot of the game. The game will have a soundtrack of real tracks from the stoner rock scene which have been remixed into an 8-bit style. Many chiptune artists have contributed to the soundtrack by either creating remixes on request or allowing their previous work to be used in game. Though there is no release date scheduled, when the game is released, it will be free to play. On October 7th 2015, a GoFundMe page was set up for StoneRPG (and Riffipedia), giving those who donate before release a credit in the game.

Plot Synopsis


Though the over-arching plot of the game may change as development goes on, it is currently as follows:

As the game begins, the main character moves from his old home to Stonernia; a vast land famed for its love of heavy music. But as he arrives, he soon learns that things are not well in the land. An evil bureaucratic government official has introduced sound reduction orders and refuses to give planning permission to live music events throughout the land he rules. Stonernia becomes a land filled with miserable, antagonistic and often hostile citizens. You soon learn that you were foretold by Saint Vitus (a prophet of the International Church of Misery) to be the one to bring down the governments regime. This sets the main character off on an adventure through desert, forest, Arctic tundra, mountains, sky, sea and space in his quest to restore music to the land.


The following is the soundtrack for StoneRPG. All tracks are remixed versions of the original tracks in an 8-bit chiptune style. This list is not final and tracks may be added or removed from the game before release. Tracks in bold were remixed specifically for the game.


Asteroid - Doctor Smoke 8-Bit (by Giacomo Civollani for StoneRPG)


Brant Bjork - Gonna Make the Pony Trot 8-Bit remix (by 8-Bit Sound for StoneRPG)


Cathedral - Equilibrium 8-Bit remix (by 8-Bit Sound for StoneRPG)


Colour Haze - Love 8-Bit remix (by 8-Bit Sound for StoneRPG)


Conan - Hawk as Weapon 8-Bit remix (by 8-Bit Sound for StoneRPG)


Electric Wizard- Funeralopolis 8-bit version


Karma to Burn - 20 8-Bit remix (by 8-Bit Sound for StoneRPG)


Kyuss - Green Machine (8 bit)


Melvins - The Talking Horse 8-bit version


Orange Goblin - Scorpionica 8-Bit (by Giacomo Civollani for StoneRPG)


Sleep - Dragonaut (8 bit)


Sungrazer - Zero Zero 8-Bit remix (by 8-Bit Sound for StoneRPG)

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