Spirit Caravan
Spirit Caravan's 2015 lineup.
Background information
Origin Maryland
Genres Doom metal, Stoner Metal
Years active 1995-1997 (As Shine), 1997-2002, 2013-2015)
Labels Tolotta Records, MeteorCity
Associated acts The Obsessed, The Hidden Hand, Wretched, Valkyrie, Unorthodox, Earthride, Sourvein
Website Facebook
Past members Scott Weinrich
Dave Sherman
Ed Gulli
Henry Vasquez
Gary Isom

Spirit Caravan were a doom metal band from Maryland fronted by Scott Weinrich and Dave Sherman. Previously known as Shine (1995-1997), their initial run as a band lasted from 1997-2002. From 2013 to 2015 Spirit Caravan had reunited and sporadically toured until Scott Weinrich reformed The Obsessed in 2016.

History[edit | edit source]

Shine (1995-1997)[edit | edit source]

Scott "Wino" Weinrich formed what was initially Shine sometime after the break-up of The Obsessed. The remainder of the band consisted of Dave Sherman on bass and vocals; and Gary Isom on drums. Weinrich credits them for encouraging him to join the band and become active musically again after consideration of abandoning music entirely.[1]

Shine officially formed in 1995 and played shows around the Maryland and Washington D.C. area. At some point a demo and a single were recorded (Which would also be compiled on Spirit Caravan’s “The Last Embrace” compilation). At some point around 1997 an Arizona-based band of the same name threatened legal action toward Weinrich, forcing a name change to Spirit Caravan.[2]

Initial Run (1997-2002)[edit | edit source]

With a new name and more songs in the works Spirit Caravan would eventually put out two albums and an EP amidst multiple tours of Europe and the United States.

In roughly May of 2002 after a short tour of the United States, Spirit Caravan would break up. Not long after, Wino would form The Hidden Hand and Sherman would return to Earthride. Gary Isom stated in an interview that is was largely personal differences that led to the band’s break-up.[3]

A compilation entitled “The Last Embrace” was released in November of 2003, featuring recordings from Spirit Caravan’s two albums along with rare tracks and the three final songs recorded with the band.

Reunion (2013-2015)[edit | edit source]

Around roughly 2010 or 2011 rumors had been brewing of a possible Spirit Caravan reunion in the works. At the time Dave Sherman showed interest in doing so[4] while Wino seemed disinterested in the notions of a reunion at the time.[5]

In 2013, a reunion was actually confirmed by Dave Sherman of the original lineup with intents of touring and possibly new recordings in the works.[6] Tours of Europe (Including performances at DesertFest and Hellfest) and a tour of the United States were confirmed. However, in February of 2014 before the tour would begin, Gary Isom would depart the band citing personal differences. Henry Vasquez was brought in to replace him. The first reunion show was on March 7 at The Metro Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland.[7]

In 2015, Spirit Caravan would play sporadic dates around Maryland (Notably appearances at The Maryland Doom Fest and Vultures of Volume Fest) with former Obsessed drummer Ed Gulli. A tour of the United States would follow with new songs being introduced such as "Sacred", "Be The Night" and "Razor Wire". The last date of this tour (Thus the last Spirit Caravan show to date) was November 22, 2015 at the Grog Shop in Cleveland, Ohio.

On January 28, 2016, Spirit Caravan announced an amicable split with Ed Gulli and announced Brian Costantino as his replacement.[8] On February 28, 2016, Wino made an announcement that the current lineup of Spirit Caravan will now be known as The Obsessed in the following statement (Though Sherman would depart from The Obsessed by the fall of 2016):

“This is Wino. First, thanks to all out friends, fans and families everywhere for their tireless support we've received on this journey in making music we love.

All over the world I've listened to friends tell me to bring back The Obsessed so I have decided to resurrect The Obsessed.

I have been waiting for the right combination of Ability, Attitude and Personality to accomplish this goal. From this day forward The Obsessed is myself, Dave Sherman and Brian Constantino who have proven to be dedicated, fearless and unwavering in their love of music.

We are diligently writing and working on getting into the studio to record a new Obsessed out and have this out as soon as possible.”

— Scott "Wino" Weinrich, Spirit Caravan Facebook Page [9]

Connection with The Obsessed[edit | edit source]

Numerous songs by Spirit Caravan were originally recorded as songs for The Obsessed, with almost the entirety of "Jug Fulla Sun" being written while that band was still active. "Kill Ugly Naked" from Jug Fulla Sun appears on various demos and live recordings along with the "Incarnate" compilation. "Fear's Machine" from Jug Fulla Sun was originally written for the Obsessed and appears on the "Incarnate" compilation. "Melancholy Grey" from Jug Fulla Sun was written in the same sessions as 1994's "The Church Within" and appears on the 2013 reissue of that album."Higher Power" from Dreamwheel appears on the Obsessed's 1982 demo. "Spirit Caravan" from Elusive Truth appears on "Incarnate" and ended up being the name of the band after legal threats. "Lifer City" from Elusive Truth appears on various demos and the "unreleased Obsessed LP" sent to Metal Blade.

Along with this Spirit Caravan was noted to perform songs by The Obsessed live[10] and in 2015 Ed Gulli joined the band, having previously played with The Obsessed from roughly 1980-1985. The current lineup of The Obsessed (Weinrich, Sherman and Constantino) have integrated a handful of Spirit Caravan songs into their setlist along with the new songs that appeared in the 2015 setlists.

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