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Southern Lord Records
Southern Lord logo
Record label information
Founded March 1998
Distributors Caroline Distribution
Southern Records
Genre(s) Drone Metal, Extreme Metal, Doom Metal, Avant-Garde Metal, Hardcore Punk, D-Beat, Powerviolence
Country of Origin United States
Based in Los Angeles, California
Website Official Page

Southern Lord is an American heavy metal record label that was founded in 1998 by Greg Anderson. Initially, Southern Lord composed releases of doom metal, death/doom and drone. While primarily known throughout their career for key releases in doom and drone by the likes of Sunn O))), Earth and Sleep among others the label also has been open to working with other genres, in particular a host of black metal releases through the 2000s and the label's recent era of powerviolence, D-Beat and hardcore punk.

Southern Lord has also served as a stepping stone to expose international or otherwise unknown bands to a broader audience such as Boris, Weedeater, Church of Misery and Electric Wizard among others at a time. Since their inception in March 1998, Southern Lord has put out over 250 different releases and remain active as a premier underground metal label.


Let There Be Doom (1998 - 2003)Edit

Black One (2004 - 2009)Edit

The Power Of The Riff (2010 - 2017)Edit

The Silver Anniversary (2018 - Present)Edit

In early 2018, Southern Lord announced a host of special releases in turn for their twentieth anniversary as a label. Along with forthcoming releases, the label also composed a series of reissues and current releases with special "silver vinyl" editions in celebration, for example The Thundering Heard by Eagle Twin.[1] On 27 March 2018, Southern Lord reissued four albums each with a 300 copy run of silver vinyl (Abandon All Life by Nails, Manifest Decimation and Nightmare Logic by Power Trip and Dopesmoker by Sleep.[2] Later, more records have been announced for re-issues or silver anniversary vinyl editions including The Bees Made Honey in The Lion's Skull by Earth, NMC17 by Scream, all three albums by Baptists and reissues of Probot, White1 and White2.

On 17 April 2018, the Southern Lord Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Silver Vinyl Subscription Series was announced, costing $275 USD in the States and coming with, along with an exclusive t-shirt and slipmat, eight vinyl releases representing the past, present and future of the label:


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